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Von Miller this week became the highest profile NFL player to contract the corona virus and here's what led to it the call student go away and my sister she said oh won't you just go get fifty dollars there's no mortgage interest all the way down the street when you go to state in two days later my doctor called me and said that are kind of positive results for collecting the Broncos linebacker told that to NBC's today show he said he remains in good spirits another NFL headline maker all pro receiver the Andre Hopkins talked on Friday about the stunning trade that sent him from Houston to Arizona a girl of her you know low number called about you know being arbitrated early last year the beginning of last year for some people are you know the of the light that shows you that you know so it wasn't a big surprise to me all after the year I was prepared for as he has now the cardinals running back David Johnson ends up with the Texans NFL draft is next Thursday it because it's a virtual draft the

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