Can't find a webcam? How about a Mevo?

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For talking tech listeners. Remember the ego the little camera that's like a TV studio in one. Little Body came out in twenty sixteen. Now it's back with a new model. Ethos scart better battery better audio and Max out for Vivo is here to tell us all about it. Max sold the company but then bought it back. Tell everybody about the camera. And in a nutshell. What's what's the reason for this new new model versus the MODEL? Or thanks for having me in great to speak to you again. So we've always the only camera that has been designed for the ground up you know for live streaming events. It's not a fifth level feature for us. It's what we do so everything that's in the APP in in the industrial design in how it mount the battery you mentioned is all about Live streaming in so we. We've had the current product Neva plus For about four years in the market. And the now we really excited to to bring the new camera which is first and foremost everything is refreshed audio electrics Incited ITS NOT USB. It's smaller in terms of battery or we've increased the battery six time. We've improved the audio one of the key Request from our customer also improve the lands. Now we have a still a wide angle but Really flatlined no warping effect. And so on. So it's a it's a product refresh In in you know a lot of detailed improvement in major like the battery that'll customer we've been waiting for. Yeah we didn't really talk about the zooming but the your basic sales proposition is that you can see basically pinch and zoom and not make people look at one boring static shot you you can have a wide shot of myself then come in for a close up then go back to a wide Zubin on my notebook if you want all sorts of things like that that was your original dream correct. Yeah what we realized you know. Primary use cases being Sitting at an event on the on the floor on a stand microphone. Stand on the floor But now we've Covered nineteen and older the Domon the customer surge that we've received a realizes it does a great use case for me on the desk. You would call it a Webcam but it's really about putting it on the desk and using it For doing whatever you need to do on your desk record a Creator Youtube video obviously do zoom meeting and so on Many advantage what we have a wider and build on MOST WHIP GAM. We have incredible sharpness in video quality. Compared to Webcams The new microphone which is three microphone. Dan Get turned into a stereo output with spatial processing We think those great when compared to any other kind of camera built in microphone so a lot of people have been searching in vain for webcams Livestream has never been more popular than right now and Webcam sold out and the reason they want with cameras because the Webcam on their camera. I'm sorry on. Their computer. Looks Terrible. It's very low resolution and everybody wants to look better And they also want a livestream and talk to their customers and things like that now. This is a camera that you can't currently use for zoom meetings and the like but you're you're gonNA be bringing out in a software update to let you do that. Tell everybody how that's GonNa work. But what we've decided to do is to build on own software for MAC and windows That will come in early. May It's a free software for any of our existing customers of plus the new start and it will bring basically you leave wirelessly as a Webcam for any software on your computer that that needs a video source in. Odi Souls to us so excited to bring that it'll make me useful now on desktop But it still has all the capabilities of me that goes well beyond the Webcam you can do. Live live editing zooming in You can recall to the card in that is inside the Medieval camera you can take it wirelessly And you can even stream at the same time director visible from the camera without using your computer if you wanted to So it's sort of a next generation. Webcam okay great and Finally on your website. It says that interest in co VID has Increase the desire for me. Fo- cameras fivefold. Yeah we've actually seen an increase You know more than tenfold You could say the average is more than fivefold And you know I mean. It's it's obvious that everybody is a is a need for webcams but also everybody has a need for coal use case which streaming events So we've We've been able to keep up. We've run out of stock of the of the media plus so it's very important that We

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