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New York mayor bill de Blasio says his city is just days away from running out of supplies it's only getting worse and in fact April and may are gonna be a lot worse yesterday president trump ordered FEMA to set up mobile hospitals in the hardest hit states Washington California and New York rally Carlson CBS news with no deal in the Senate U. S. stock futures tumbled more than nine hundred points overnight hitting a five percent decline that triggered a maximum limit down holding futures from falling any further most Asian markets were also down we'll have more on the global impact coming up a bit later this morning well hospitals around the world including here in Massachusetts are pleading for help worry they could soon run out of supplies one local family is finding a new way to help on a milers live in Boston with the details on

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As Sunday morning two other

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Recently governor Murphy said he thought it was unlikely they would be fans in the stands at MetLife stadium

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However local leaders are warning this could all be temporary as case numbers continue to rise if they do

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LA County, Coney Island And Bill De Blasio discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News

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Are joining in gatherings and

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