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Jean Perron. We've gotten off of your ledge for today. And now you're here in the indefensible plants headquarters talking with us. Welcome back to the PODCAST. Hi Matt I'm Yeah it's great to be here. Yeah those that maybe didn't listen to the last episode or a new I don't know who you are. How about we give a brief overview of what it is you do. What is what I do well in mainly just pfaff around with house plants. That's a very technical term. Faffing faffing around over that you probably don't we do? This means kind of like pottering about with House plans. That's basically what I like to but my training is as a journalist and I run a podcast. Could on the ledge. She's been going for an incredible three years now. Probably not was Lewis as Hamilton defense plants. Been going since someone eight fourteen. So yeah six years. Oh Gee plant podcast. Og well so on. The Ledge is aimed at anyone who's wanting to do any kind of indoor gardening and I've done one hundred thirty episodes of all kinds of stuff talking to plant people testing things out onto in people's questions and it's basically just a whole heap of fun chat about plants which is what we will love. It is fun. I also the other thing to say is I. Also you also see my name popping up in various Mainly British magazines and newspapers about all kinds of things. I like to say to people that you know tried to write about things that you might not read anywhere else. Som- currently restoring a bit of research for peace for the Financial Times which involves finding out. How much people's ashes? Way Back from the. Yeah so that's interesting. Can you guess how much how much some when you get the ashes back from a cremation? How much that weighs two kilograms? Okay I've only gonNA impound. Oh well to imperial us as metric. Lots of science lab all day so when it's five to seven pounds. What's that kilos? Good question about right about that point. Two pounds two point two pounds so yeah so I was just amazed by. That's anyway so as writing a piece about how spreading of ashes can be an issue in public gardens and how it causes problems for gardeners but also for relatives. It's a difficult decision as to how to deal with ashes and how you can do it. Responsibly and sensitively so lights. It chart do something a little bit different from the usual. Oh it's the month of the year that we think about pruning are Xyz. Because I you know. There's always room for those bras type pieces but I like to kind of try to be a little bit outside the box sometimes because it makes much more interesting. Sure Yeah and I think more people as you know gardening catches on in house plans catches on and really just all of the media. That's out there kind of swansea with the same stuff. Everyone's writing the articles. Those different ones really stand out in. It's one of those things where I go into a garden centre or get emails from publishers than its oldest new book on propagating succulent. How many of those do we need exactly or you know. Houseplants that clear. I would be much more interested in a really solid piece which was probably researched about other ways that you can clean the actually. I think probably opening the windows the best way of refreshing the air in your house. I mean it sounds terribly reductivist book. That's probably true. Yup then candles. Don't have plugging airfresheners. You know Yeah I would say that which I but we have to be honest with ourselves. I mean there is truth to some of the stuff but there's also a lot of misinformation and I think plants suffer from that more than other walks of life just because of the amount of sort of folklore and mysticism history. They have with our species for good reason. I mean plant should be celebrated but yeah I think they suffer from a lot of misinformation as well. Yeah I mean. Plants are incredible but let's not attribute to them characteristics that they don't actually possess because there's loads of cool characteristics. They do have so yeah. I think it's it's not. That's not the main reason to have plants in your houses is they're going to provide some moment incredible. Co Two scrubbing mechanism. You know that's that ain't that ain't GonNa Happen Really You better off. You know as I say not. Not Burning the candles. But yeah so my my. My realm is widely. I like to to sort of try to. I just basically find things I'm interested in. Then find somebody to commission a piece about them which is which is really nice to live. Yeah Yeah and you do in such fun ways. I mean. I've read a handful of your articles but obviously the podcast is. What really exposes me to your world view in what's going on and it is fun. It is entertaining. And you are taking a nice change of pace. From the general guarding houseplant. Podcasts that are out there I'm not denigrating any of them. I think they've all got merit in their own way because everyone has experiences but you are really doing it in a way that speaks to me on a deeper level. Because it's obvious you actually care about caring for these plants beyond just having pretty things. I we're going to be a bitch fest. Then about other. Podcasts I was getting ready to throw some shade person in Holter corddry would never have cost any Shea I love. Oh I think I'm really people sort of ood. Have you seen this this new podcast? You worried I'm like no. I'm really glad that there's another podcast because there's you know I know that nobody is me and therefore I think is already being done by me. So that wild. I feel worried about other podcasts. I think is fabulous to have all these different outlets and things that you can listen to it. It's amazing but yeah it is a funny response to get from people and I hear that from time to time like Oh you worried. I'm like why would i? Why why do you need to worry about? Is it a competition? The more people talking about plants the better off we're going to be. They need that attention they do. They do exactly and you know we got to be out that kind of combating. The as I say that the mainstream media kind of really not very good standard of journalism when it comes to talking about blance you know. The mainstream media does pick up on plants and does more but at the same time. It's great for people to have this source information which is hopefully reliable. I say that I did recently just realized listener got in touch. Say That I've messed up. I'd mixed up to Spider Plant. Cultivars in my spider plant episodes. I was horrified. I know the horror the horror anyway. I've corrected that now but it's that's the other great thing is that. I love the fact that people can actually come to me and say you know what you got that wrong and I can actually say. Yeah I did. You're right sorry and put it right. Which is so refreshing. I'm not I'm not a machine. Do get things wrong wrong there. I think the other thing that I'm sure you find with plants despite the fact that I love scientific grounding for fats at the same time you can't deny that there are people doing things which shouldn't work strictly speaking. That seemed to work for them. So everyone's got their own little ways of doing things in the house flaunt world and you can try to go backs practice based on science but sometimes something just comes up left field and works for you so I'm thinking of my beefsteak. Begonia in a container with no drainage right now which is still doing really well. Yeah it is funny that Gardening Kennedy teaches us that all the best laid plans can go away. Sta Depending on where you're at your conditions in you've attempted and that's why it's really hard for me to navigate those houseplant groups's because everyone's having success for different reasons and it's really hard to kind of tease out. What is working in y? Is working for some and not others and you know you're having any luck with begonias already far in advance of any luck that I have not had with Begonias so there is in the pudding. I thought I've given my begonias everything they could ever want from this world and never did I think no drainage would would succeed for

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