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Trading Bitcoin In Lockdown


Can I get idolizes John Hype? You are all well. You'll saif very interesting. Time to be alive Has made quite some Tom. Beginning Dave in day for into severity of US many Needing to Cape outdistance pretty much. So I'm I'm sure that many of you are in the sciences situation. What I am currently. Which is I'm working from. Hud One job to do and that's GonNa get my very fos computer And bring hyme because the one about here. Although it was built specifically for trading it was built specifically for trading hammy ago. Was that many or I don't know years ago. Now that is needing to becoming Heim so that I can be calm. Basically moving to a new model. Excuse me all of a sudden working at high. I have my wonderful children shelly. Yes Darling. Daddy's working can I have five minutes and I'll come out the thanks. We not yet I'll restraining. Can you please go outside along? That's my Charlie Dali. Can you please against something in just a minute anyway? Dialing Avi we'll get that for go on place. Yes yes yes you want to make it public now. If that's not your life right now. The kids anyways very different times right now. Of course we're going to have to be patient. And that's one example category. Be patient with each other. What want to say there's been a lot of people attacking fabled again and I understand that Anxiety comes in people get nervous like it were get scared on feeling a number of these emotions to guys. I really am. This is so much uncertainty going on now at the one thing that that I can feel confident about the the many. I'm sure many of you who are listening to this. Podcast can also feel relatively confident because we were working with us for wall. Now is the fact that I can try This this whole being all solution and social distancing and whatnot A. This not to make a joke of it. I'm not doing that but it's the way that tried lives until I go and do something. You know a lot of the talking remembering London I mean. Don't forget to London is not exactly the most beautiful and sunny location especially through the winds are pretty much be locked down much against for Ronald something. I was pretty isolated. It's kind of the way I try to can live and want us. I can leave because we don't have to go anyway to do. Things we need is an Internet connection in the ability to trade So I've said some members to die on live trading floor while my daily scan the wall I'm going to be doing is ongoing. Fuxing a lot more of the markets 'cause I've got well I'm going to be basically after today sucking sought On cool with that so it's going to be me being the best version of myself as a tried and now it's going to have some distractions on. I'm not going to break any rules if I am not feeling right in the head of health doesn't Phil Cooper of the kids are hard work. I'm not going to be tried because I never would in the first place but I am going to be around a heck of a lot more which means I am gone reporting out the content. I am going to be helping those that are in the community sharing as much information as possibly can or we go through time of uncertainty. Because if I can help you to make an income throughout this period of time on many of you are probably concerned about jobs. I'm than I can help as a as well So yeah it's important that you guys We do have actually gone out over. The weekend ended up. Put Down Discount or offered a discount off site because we do That this corona virus. And what's going on at? The moment is a lot of people from higher than you might want to educate yourself and we'll do our bit We were the price has released a new platform the process going to increase it. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA reassess that as well probably discounts there because it's for us. It's about helping other people. Look we want to keep our staff employed as well so yes we do have to continue to make money too so that we don't have to live off any stuff but we are committed to doing that for as long as we can make into helping you guys as well. So what's going on out there in the markets will if I talk about traditional markets get shot so I want Destroying I want get show so I can see. I can really say Equities having a rough today. I suspect we will see a very rough died that we might see a complete record die on many global exchanges so our way to sorry so just be aware of that as far as Holding a Chi- we have just pick up the tempo on the down saw we have five percent five percent down bitcoin. Rotten fifty eight ninety three S. We blow that six thousand level. I can also tell you as well here. that on a two-day if that close why is now the law that today? Canto breaks and I will be not looking too short that can cause a little bit big but that will build more Momentum towards the potential shorting opportunities that will present themselves and I forget I can make money with goes up or down without full point six four percent of Bitcoin at fifty nine hundred one twenty three spot two zero down seven percent on a therion rotten are watching that closely once again. Eight es dam is nothing to work with justice. Alexa pay is down five point. Two four percents fifteen cents again. These two-day candles really sought setup. Nothing for me really put put push sorry pushed the pull the trigger on trading wise just yet they. Bitcoin cash took photos of forty five cents. County down seven point two four percent biggest vehicle a bit of a flat level. Saudi come in there at one fifty to that level. One Fifty two eight nine in that region at two hundred and sixty dollars flat down four point nine percent rotten now moving to lock horns thirty five dollars. Seventy six down six point three percent a gain looking more bearish than bullish as it stands ails a guys the perpetual rotten on the FDA shot. There is one of my favorite shots. sweating that third test for. Bitcoin breakout show too sixteen down. Five bonnets is six point seven percent eleven to all thirty one cents a Donna. Two point six cents down eight point nine one percent and it does look quite wake coming into the heart of the trading session this morning. We'll look at the theory classic. It's a four dollars and sixty three cents down seven point six percent looking quite wake also and finishing out the top. Ten is another then tron. At once sent is.

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Trading Bitcoin In Lockdown

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