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Music streaming may actually be falling because of Coronavirus


All right. Let's talk a little bit about listening to music. You'd think maybe with a lot more people staying home more people would be listening to music and you'd be wrong courts notes that Italy's spotify users averaged eighteen point three million total streams of the top one hundred songs per day in February two thousand nineteen but since a national quarantine was announced march nineth total streams of the top. One hundred songs have not top fourteen. Point four million. That's just under four million less. There was a twenty three percent drop between March third and March seventeenth in the United States. Total spotify streams of the top. Two hundreds fell to seventy seven million on March seventeenth the lowest total so far this year. Uk France and Spain have also seen drops. Now maybe that when you're shut inside you just go for less popular songs flattening the curve if you will But it it does seem like maybe people. Just don't listen to as much music right now. Because they're not no situation. Yeah it's it's the commuting has dropped you know people are maybe going on. Few were outdoor exercise. Long form stuff where you listen to music. Definitely the case with me. I don't not any good reason but I don't listen to a lot of streaming music at home but I do when I'm out and about so my own use has gone down quite a bit. I'm just waiting for the surge. Unlike Leonard Cohen playlists. Or you know semi depressed. Folksy songwriters. You forgot how much you liked until you were really depressed about. Not being able to leave. Your House. Nbc surgeon playlists. Nobody's ever heard of. We've seen an extreme spike in. Everybody knows Yeah I do think this is an interesting thing because you would think like. Oh more people with more time. Maybe means more music but they're doing other things they're watching videos playing video games and the music is like you say Sarah for for going outside and hanging out with fewer people are doing or in your car when you're driving to work which you're people are doing that so yeah.

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Music streaming may actually be falling because of Coronavirus

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