Coronavirus Task Force gives updates on response


The president announced guidelines for Americans to follow and do their part to stem the spread of the virus the task force is holding daily press conferences and meetings to provide the American people with the latest information the task force has recommended mitigation strategies to heavily impacted communities like those in New York Washington state and California about sixty percent of the cases are in those three states and most of the cases in those three states and a handful of counties and so the administration's really focusing on these counties I mean the whole country but really these counties to try and put laser focused effort to contain it the CMS announced guides to protect vulnerable elderly Americans and limit medically unnecessary visits to nursing homes in January the administration declared the corona virus to be a public health emergency by the way the president donated his fourth quarter salary to the department health Human Services to deal with this fires are you aware this you know if any other president did this they be mentioning this they don't even mention it with him did Obama ever donated salaried anything well he wasn't a billionaire was getting very close now president took action to give HHS authority

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