Have Our Moving Plans Changed? And Are Our House Sales Derailed?


Now. We know this is not a snow day. Everyone listening we completely understand. We have totally been doing our best to make the best of it while completely being at home but it is funny. How the second you hear something like well. Maybe it means I can do this. And then there's the bargaining in denial and then find. What are we settling to acceptance? Is that the last one. Maybe I mean I think I've accepted that. Like the best thing we can do right now is just stay put so it does mean that our whole plan for moving to Florida is kind of a question mark. I mean we still are going to do it. We own a house down there. That is a definitive thing and this house is sold so we have to be out of here in a certain amount of time. I think what it has turned into is that I thought maybe two weeks ago before this happened. I was kind of frustrated like we only get one week during spring. Break to work on this house and everything else has to be remote and maybe we could steal away to like do a long weekend or something with leaving the kids here with the grandparents but generally it was going to be like a long distance remodel and this tight time line where we were like we have to get the house back to livable. June fifteenth moving goal young. And can I interject just to remind people why it is not livable? Because this House that we bought is a fixer upper. It currently does not have any working bathrooms because it only has one bathroom in that bathroom does not have a sink in it. I mean I guess it has a toilet. It's not hooked up to water though like we are actively going through like getting connected to the sewer and water system right like we need to use the city's municipality and like sign form to get it. It's not just like turn it on on the street. It's like involves a number of experts. Getting water to the House again. Doesn't have a water heater so even if we got water to the House we couldn't take showers until we had the water heater hooked up. There are holes in the floor. Which makes it sort of dangerous to walk around. So we have to patch those. Oh and has h back so obviously can't vote Florida in June without air conditioning. Yes I mean it has. One just doesn't work right. So we're we're working on all of the systems from faraway away. But what I was GonNa say is like I went from a few weeks ago being frustrated I only had spring break and it felt hard to do this long distance but as of right now it feels like I lost the spring break trip and I just you know previous me was like Mamie only get spring break it now like current me like I don't even get once we went through the phases of realizing this is all going to change and our expectation for what's going to happen and the plan for it and the timeline we had like so carefully thought through is just completely obliterated like in all honesty. We have no idea what's going to be able to get done. How quickly it's going to be able to get done and so right now like it may mean that we move at a different time than we were planning to. It may mean that we move to a different place temporarily because if we can't get the house ready for us in time maybe we have to go to a long term rental temporarily so I just don't know like I think we were driving ourselves crazy a little bit last week and trying to think through all these scenarios and I found I guess a lot of just like peace in the acceptance of I'm not going to be able to figure it out right now like the unknowns are so great at this point that I should just let go of that for now and just roll with it like I think this whole year. I've been talking about my personal journey. Our wishes what of like dealing with letting go of plans or changing plans. That is true. That's been a theme for John. Yes we can pay that. We don't have to be like doing what we said. We'd do ten years ago because we're following the path that previous set ten years ago. Yes and so. This is a crash course in it right now. If I had prepared myself I have to learn it now. Basically well I was just GonNa say I also think in the midst of like. Oh this stinks. The timeline is so sad like what if we had already been in there and we could use this time to paint and like feather or nests. There are so many other times that if this happened it would be easier. But I'm also reminding myself that there are certain things that have happened that I'm very grateful for like selling our house literally the weekend before. All of this happened. Yes there are also a lot of worst times of this could have happened like it is not ideal that we're in the midst of a major life changing of moving to a different state. But like I said to you last night. I'm grateful we're not in the midst of a kitchen renovation right now. I'm sure there are some people out there. Who are I feel you because when we've done those like we haven't had access to our appliances sometimes are sink sometimes and that would have made stain at home and being comfortable cooking at home a lot harder and so I'm grateful. Our kitchen is up and running. I'm grateful our bathroom is done like maybe this is putting too much of a positive spin on something that maybe this whole experience for. Everyone is a good moment like put things into perspective. Like I'm not kidding myself that it's going to be this like Rosie experience for everyone because I don't think it is by any means but I think we can do our best to make some good out of it

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