March Madness: Lance Armstrong


It was almost twelve. Am on the night of August. Twenty third two thousand twelve but nobody at the US. Anti Doping Agency could sleep the biggest case in USA. Dat History hinged on the next few minutes Lance Armstrong the self-proclaimed cleanest athlete and sports had been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. He had until midnight to contest the charges as the clock struck twelve the nervous officials huddled around the phone waiting for the inevitable ring. But it never came. Lance had thrown in the towel. Welcome to sports criminals. Apar- cast original. This is the twenty third episode in our March Madness special. This month were counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand twenty. I'm corduroy and I'm Tim Johnson. Today's episode we're going back to two thousand twelve and Lance Armstrong's admission that he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his career in the early odds there were few athletes more famous than Lance Armstrong. Not only did he win the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times. He did it after overcoming cancer. Sir His achievements were especially extraordinary. Considering the reputation cycling had as one of the world's dirtiest sports but even as rival after rival failed doping tests lances samples never came back positive. Not only was he steamrolling the competition he was doing it at a disadvantage or so it seemed although most of the press fully bought into. Lance's squeaky clean reputation. Intrepid journalists like David Walsh of London Sunday. Times aren't so sure Walsh had covered professional cycling for years and he knew a doper when he saw one but no matter how hard he tried wash couldn't provide the concrete proof he needed to show lance was a fraud and when Lance retired following the two thousand five to France. It seemed like he was going to get away. Scot-free with a longtime competitor couldn't stay away. He made a comeback in two thousand nine and the House of Cards. He had carefully built. Came crashing down. When Lance came out of retirement he secured roster spots for many of his former teammates however there was no such gesture for his one time. Protege Floyd Landis unlike his boss lands had been caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar when he used. Pd's fuel miraculous comeback victory in the two thousand six two to France although he had served his suspension land still felt that the team's reputation was at stake with his life and career in shambles. Landis couldn't stay silent any longer in May two thousand ten. He came clean about his entire doping history including damning accusations about Lancia's own PD US and this time. He had the receipts to prove it after a two year. Investigation the US Anti Doping Agency accused lands of running a sophisticated doping ring throughout his career. Despite best efforts there was too much evidence against him to put up a fight on August. Twenty fourth two thousand twelve lance announced. He wouldn't contest the charges. Us Ada had levied against him all of Lance's race results from nineteen ninety nine onward. Were nullified.

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