Behind The Scenes Of The Linode Object Storage Service


Today I'm interviewing will Smith about his work on building object storage for the Lenovo Cloud Platform. So we'll can you start by introducing yourself? Yeah I've been with winnowed for about five years. Now I originally worked on our transition from the hyper visor to KVM which was a super exciting project I since then moved on to working on the new API that we launched two years ago. And after that I was moved out of the Storage Project. And do you remember how you first got involved in the area of data management? Well Leno does a lot of data management what with hosting virtual private servers and everything but specifically with object storage. They already had a prototype. Developed of an object storage cluster. Based on Seth and they just wanted to bring a team of villagers into productized which is kind of where I came in. And so you mentioned that you started off with this steph prototype wondering if you can just give a bit of an overview of the current state of what you have available for object storage on the Leonard Platform and some of the motivating factors for building it out and managing it yourself rather than building an integration with

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