4 ways to celebrate 'Star Wars Day' at home


Happy Star Wars day about all may the fourth be with you that may the fourth be with you too today's a big day for Star Wars fans if you see people running around today what their Star Wars gears on a gear on that's why today in addition to it being Star Wars day and start virtual Star Wars conventions are are going on online what you may want to focus in on is what's going on and Disney plus today have you figured out how to get the Disney plus yet now it's on my imaginary list of things to do things that take yeah okay on Disney property so they they are premiering a new docu series on their most popular series the Mandalorian and this is also the day that the rise of sky Walker debuts on Disney plus months ahead of when it was supposed to be so now all of all nine of the US guy Walker Star Wars movies are all on Disney plus the clone wars it's debuting today on Disney plus as well so if your Star Wars fan that's where you want to be

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