Bring Pokémon To The Bedroom With Official Branded Lingerie



Poke them on releases officially license lingerie we put in the show notes. Okay because if you put it in the window it'll show up on the thing and it'll yeah okay. What are we here okay? So I'm looking at an article. Nerd DOT DOT COM and it starts with nothing makes us feel quite as cute and flirty as the undergarments. Put on well. What if you could feel fun? And flirty well representing your favorite Phantom. So I'm looking at is this. Ev bronchiolitis and there's little at into the Braun Oh my God this is so cute. I WANNA die embroidery on. That is adorable. It's so cute. It's not to poke him on. This is this is everything. Okay so let me let me describe it for people who are who are maybe confused. So the first set is a BRA and panty set. It is like a Sweetheart Pink. A light blush color and it's got like a darker pink for the embroidery thread. It looks like it's got embroidery like from a distance. You would think it's more like a lace detail all along Mike the cups and the band of the Bra along the band of the panty and but if you look closer the embroidery details actually little. Eady's that are stitched into the Braun the panty and they have like a more button-down shirt and boxers female boxer shorts. They've got a different styles. The GIGLI puff one's a little bit difficult to see but but the the Pika Chew Brawl. Luke is really cute. So it's like a yellow Bra with like read print could see like peaky choose little red with a panty that has like lace on the on the leg holes. This is really only though. Yeah yeah to buy anything and have it shipped here help express words. I'm I'm considering. These are really cute pajamas. That's really cute to the The the little tea and short with the bow. Although I'm upset with done a sailor moon one and I totally missed it. Oh I would've loved sailor moon underwear

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