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In other exclusive Sony News. It was announced that there is going to be last of US TV show from the writer creator of Chernobyl And it's going to be working with like Neil Diamond's going along with them It seems like really just sort of everyone kind of came together on this What I WANT. I want to hear the story behind this. Because Shannon would who plays Dina and loss of US potter apparently introduced Neil Druckman to. Oh yeah okay. She's on Westworld on it. She is and she introduce them. And I'd I'd love to kind of hear about those Ille- chats because the sky Craig Mazin was. Is that how you show no? I hopefully soon. If you haven't seen sure noble go watch it. 'cause it's like says very good easing very good. I'm like a huge horror fan and that was probably my my favorite piece of media around horror last year which was terrifying. Because there's no monster it's just invisible. Poison the yeah. It's super creepy and real. Yeah but it turns out a craig is also a big Fan of last of us and it was weird kind of one of those like. Oh It's a nice twitter romance. Where like him and Neil to start tweeting at each other back and forth and then gradually I guess they just sort of actually talking about doing this. Yeah What's interesting about? This specifically is the this effectively cancels out the long in production. How movie that they were working on that. Neil Druckman openly tweeted like about a year ago and they said like we have a script he was like. I haven't seen it right. So good luck out. There was one of those like that. Movie was sort of neck and neck with uncharted for awhile in terms of like who is making. This is actually happening. This is getting kicked to fifteen different writers and directors. Every six weeks it was in development hell constantly and so this will play. This is the they've gone down to especially in terms of everyone's a little bit. I understand the concern or of attending something like the loss of us into a different format because it it works so well as a piece of interactive media particularly when it comes to that sort of end twist where you realize that the character you are controlling spoilers. Sorry sorry yeah massive spoilers. The character you're controlling isn't necessarily the guy thought he was and that is a very pal that was a very powerful moment in the game for me and you're not necessarily going to be able to replicate that in a shower or film but I do think that there are so many other avenues at a show in particular could take that world into. Yeah I think there's a lot more room for world building their Mike Concerns. Are that this unlike. You just alluded to. I think if you're a huge fan of the game you have that story already. That story was told you in the medium that you I received it in and having that reinterpreted through cinema is a kind of thinom cinema. You can't say cinema. You have to say Susannah. Oh you like Salem. I only watch cinema on it. It could. It could be kind of like weird offloading because you're sort of that reverse uncanny valley. Yeah sadly not to say that. Yeah because all of a sudden you're looking at something and you're like that's not the character that I imagine the this way you have to do this voice. This is the way you have to do this character. Like people have already been asking for the Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker to play these characters and like that doesn't work because they does not solve that so profoundly doesn't work. Yeah yeah if they don't Johnson is not a kid no no exactly troy. Baker is not. He's not a crusty old man Yeah I mean but I'm still really excited. I do think that as a story. The loss of us is one of the very few stories that can actually shoulder an HBO adaptation. I think that is one of the most we will while mature storytelling director of Muslim. Thin them off but like it is it is. It is voices to their cinema. We're getting too silly. You'll see in the three colors trilogy. No I only walked three Ninjas kick back in the cinema saying anyway very miserable storytelling dot. So I think it's right and I was. I was sort of wondering whether that they would actually like focus on different carriages. Hope yes like we do. There's there's a quote here from like Hollywood reporter said the. Hbo Series Will Cover The events of the original game which was written by Druckman with the possibility of additional content based on the forthcoming game sequel. The last part two. Yeah and it'll be Joel and Ellie story with some deal. We're not just Hypothesis hypothesizing here. It's not going to be Joel and Ellie. It is and reiterated by Craig. Ooh instead of saying when he said that Elliot is going to be gay in the NFL. We know that Elliot's actually going to be the focus. Yeah I think this this also just one thing on this. I do really think it it. It's going to be made or broken by its core. Two are like whoever they cost. I think so far a lot of the speculation that has been really wildly off Because people will kind of forget that we are focusing on. How old was early in the game she was. I think it and I'm probably wrong. I Apologize Response at an auction. I'm trying to think that because she's she's nineteen in the sequel and that is five years later. If I'm right possible to do that math. We'll have to this on this show whether it's five years. I'm not sure wouldn't know God I've taught myself. I'm just seeing the Youtube comments pouring down. But she's she's young kid she's only just like interim kind of teenagehood she's very very young and I personally would love to see an unknown in that role like like a lot of people have to do the casting where it's like. Who Does the character look like? And it's like well that doesn't really the whole point of acting is to behave like someone else regardless of how you might look and you know. Obviously there's I mean we. We saw this recently with the witcher casting where people like. That's not my Jennifer and then the show came out and for the most part like this is actually pretty good. This they nailed it. They did a good job. And what's based on why it's there is of course that thing where you you look at it. Whatever the show is there will inevitably be people. Were like well. I don't know how I feel about it. It's not what I wanted.

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