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Ask Charlie Anything 10: China Virus, DNC Collusion, and is there a CDC Deep State? - burst 4


War against us in energy and I think Vladimir Putin deserves some harsh retaliation for what he's trying to do to crash the American oil sector. It's it's not going to happen anytime soon. But if I was Vladimir Putin I would be praying and plotting for a President Bernie. Sanders probably not going to happen anytime soon. but that's the only light at the end of the tunnel because Senator Sanders kept everything in the ground. If Senator Bernie Sanders says we need to diversify America's energy or Essentially energy dominant is a better way to word it will then Putin wins and the Russians win and it seems like Senator Sanders. Since he honeymoon in the Russia would love nothing. More than the next question. In Two thousand sixteen we saw the total weaponization of the US government against Donald Trump. This continued all the way into twenty twenty. Who's to say that the CDC in the corona virus response isn't just another branch of the same deep state weaponized the rest of the government. That's Glenn from Virginia. Look I don't WanNa get into any conspiracy theories but I will say this that I was raising the alarm quite early about the China virus and everyone you know kind of in our circle here knows that I was quite worried about what China virus could mean for our country and mean for the world and I don't know the CDC. I think the lower levels. I don't want to say that they want people to get sick. And they want people to be L. But I have to say. Is that a thousand people died of swine

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Ask Charlie Anything 10: China Virus, DNC Collusion, and is there a CDC Deep State? - burst 4

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