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The ATP & ITF Have Cancelled The Tour For The Next Six Weeks


Are not living in normal times. The coronavirus obviously is wreaking havoc across the world. It's up ending global markets in in whence once it became obvious that this virus was going to spread all over and is started to affect markets. And you had the the real fear right that it was going to be a lot more difficult when it came to large crowds right That's when it became apparent. I think that the sporting world in general not just tennis Obviously we're not just talking about Tennessee. I mean we are on this podcast but look every every sport in the world. is being affected by this. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about Baseball basketball. It doesn't really matter. I mean every sport for the most part is really being affected because as I said the other day when the canceled Indian wealth I said it was the right decision inlet. I thought they were going to cancel Miami. Obviously anytime you get a large crowd together you increase the fact that you're going to transmit this virus onto somebody else and you can take a crowd of ten thousand people in maybe two or three people in the crowd that have Krona Virus. And it's going to spread in it's going to spread quickly in those people are going to take it back to wherever they're from whether it be some other place in the United States or other places across the world and then they're gonNA infect the people it's just you know we all know this right. This is how you know anytime. You have any kind of the flu in a kind of disease that can be spread. That's what you want to avoid and so I was not surprised when they announced the cancellation of Miami. Today I was surprised when they announced the the tour was going to be canceled for six weeks. And which is obviously a big deal that being said. I think it was the right decision. So deep the press release from ATP chairman a Andrea Gdanski Said and I quote. This is not a decision that we take lightly into represents a great loss for tournaments players and fans worldwide. However we believe that this is the responsible action needed at this time in order to protect the health and safety of our players staff in the wider tennis community and JEN in General Public Health. In the face of this global endemic the worldwide nature of our sport in the international travel required presents significant risks and challenges in today's circumstances as do the increasingly restrictive directives issued by local authorities. We continue to monitor this on a daily basis and we look forward to the tour resuming when the situation improves. In the meantime our thoughts which is our with all those that have been affected by the virus in quote and look. I was surprised that this was the action that they took I really believed that. They're going to wait another week. Or two to see how everything was faring with the current virus and then make a decision kind of more on a week-to-week basis. But the reason I think they ultimately did this was twofold one. It was proactive. Right you you make the decision you say. Look we're GONNA shut this thing down for six weeks and that keeps players from having to figure out okay. Are we going? We're not going constantly on the edge trying to determine whether or not they're going to be playing a tournament next week And it also allows fans to cancel flights. Cancel Hotels Way In advance. Meaning they'll get all if not some of their money back It that way you just you take the guessing game out of the situation and obviously the ultimate result in all of this is to keep the current. Oh virus from spreading By hosting these events and then causing more people to get it and then you know to spread it to others and to pass away and you know. I've read some comments online You know once this was announced jumped onto a couple of websites and I was looking at the comments. And there's some pretty terrible ones honestly I'm not going to repeat them necessarily but but we have to remember here. Is that at? The end of the day is much as I love tennis. I Love Tennis I Love Sports Obviously there's other sports that I I Follow in cover quite a bit. It's still a sport right. I mean at the end of the day it's not life it's life and death Some things are more important and people's health living you know that matters This is is important. It is as much as I love it. It doesn't come close to the value of human life That's why you know when they were talking about whether or not to allow the Australian Open to go on earlier this year. I cancel the thing. You can't guarantee that these fires are not going to the winds not going to blow the smoke in the direction if you have people with Breathing conditions Did they may be fine. Otherwise but if you get smoke involved People could you know people could die? They might not be able to breathe in. Then you know that happens and it's tragic and even one person dying is is not worth it. So this here is something. Obviously that is It's terrible The roadhouse World Health Organization has stated that they believe. It's going to get worse before it gets better In that I think was a major factor. In fact I know it was a major factor in their decision and they were in contact with them. They they know what the prognosis worldwide. At least a general picture seems to be and what the expectation is. And so you know you got to make the decision and I said you've got to be proactive. And that's exactly what I think the ATP in the IT F- Have stated What their goal is is to work together. Cancel these events and then hopefully in six weeks. Things are better than they currently are. So what does this mean when I say six weeks right? So basically there are no challenger events there are no events at all all Challenge events will be cancelled. Everything will be cancelled from now. Up through Barcelona and the Hungarian open and Budapest. So we're looking at the cancellation of Miami The Faez Sarah Firm and company. Us Men's Claycourt Championships in Houston the Grand Prix Hassan in March the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters the Barcelona Open as before in Hungarian. Open Budapest so all those are are cancelled and all of the challenger events as well that go on as well between between now and then also be cancelled so again it one one hand. It's terrible right. You don't WanNa see the tennis world bended Like this This a lot of people that go to these events to look forward to it every year people that have never been to some of these tournaments who are looking forward to it as well But again at the end of the day it's a sport rate in in the thing that matters most really is people's health and when you put that at risk or if you could possibly put that a risk by holding these tournaments you have to Cancel it you have to do. What's in the best interest of the fans that are coming to those events? And if you were to hold these events and then the end result is that you contribute to the spread of the virus and a possibility of your Tournament in the spread of the virus because of it contributing to deaths. That's something you don't want It doesn't first of all it doesn't it doesn't look good right that you've said We're GONNA hold the event and you know. Oh well you know that. That's pretty cold and nobody wants to see that happen. It doesn't look good from from pure standpoint. Isn't that good from our morality standpoint? You know it just it. Looks Terrible. Sounds terrible nobody wants that. I don't think anybody on the ATP In the IT F. One to see that happen in. WanNa see that their actions had contributed in some way to you know this virus infecting and possibly taking more lives. So you'd be practice you say when a cancer for six weeks and then we're going to see how it looks and then we'll go from there. Look in six weeks as they get towards. You know the end date to that cancellation. If it doesn't look like it's getting any better more events will be cancelled you know. Romo be cancelled Madrid will be cancelled. And then obviously you have the possibility that Roland Garros could be cancelled. And maybe Wimbledon to. We don't know at this point Yeah there's a good chance that in six weeks things will be looking much and maybe the tour can resume but this is just A. Hey would doing this now. And then we're going to see what it looks like in then we'll go from there You might see something like okay if if things aren't better if maybe it's stabilizing but it's still not looking like it's really getting to the point where we've gone Run to the point where it's it's worse it's been at it's worst Then you might see them say okay. We're canceling Rome and we're canceling Madrid. And then we're GonNa see what

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