Licorice: A Dark and Salty Stranger



YEP TURNS OUT. There is such a thing as liquorice plant. Somebody just came across it. I've got some liquorice plants. A local person and they they were left from original liquorice gas. Which is what you call a plant. Tina licorice is is called a goth. They had some left probably about eighty plants so so in their back garden they wanting to develop their back garden. Basically we pick them up at the end of the year. Just like the the routes it just looked like dried roots and bought them back and planted them here in. What was really quite close to the car park at that stage then. My brother-in-law managed to dig them up when he was excavating. The COP at somebody went too far. Fortunately the licorice survived no word. On the brother-in-law Heather moved it to a safer location. But the challenges were not over at the mishap. We had which were didn't have a clue about not documented anywhere. We've discovered ourselves. That rabbits love licorice roots so they would come in in the spring and they keep digging up and chewing the bottom of the licorice root. So that's a new one. We do have to electric fence. It keep the rabbits outsmart rabbits. The roots are what we particularly loved to. It usually takes about five years for those licorice roots to grow big enough for a first harvest so after five years heather decided to check it out and see how they're liquorice was doing so we dug a little trench and found a licorice root which is episode exciting. So I've never actually seen a proper licorice roots and we were able to each it initially from the field and it was quite translucent in color at that stage and when we actually eight it was always like a a very clear honey type saps it came out of it and it was super super sweet but really strong off the of more of an aniseed flavour than you would have with licorice also type sweets. Another is sweet. It's a different suites. Like honey sweet. As opposed to sugar sweet. This does not sound at all like the kind of licorice. I'm used to the squeegee. Black stuff you buy a pick a mix but the other thing. That sort of confusing is what is liquorice doing growing in Yorkshire. You Buy Licorice in England. I know that from when I was a kid but growing it there. It grows in hot countries at the present day. We get all licorice from Turkey. Iran Iraq it grows in Mediterranean countries. It grows in Italy India Syria China Southern Europe. Carol Wilson is a food writer. Who's written a lot of books including one called liquorice? A Cookbook and Yorkshire is not a whole country. I went to university there and I swear I didn't take off my jumper fit three years. You can keep your sweater on because we will be heading back to Yorkshire but Carroll says in the wild and hot countries licorice is a shrub that grows like a weed but today when it's cozy base at his Co. face mainly for its roots although all the parts of the plant can actually be eaten. You can eat shoots. You can use the leaves to make a tea but its roots the to the most most important par and those routes have been grown and harvested by humans. Going all the way back to ancient history. The earliest mention of licorice is on an Syrian clay tablet from the seventh century. B. C. E. Licorice is being used for thousands of years advocates. Main use was at the Medicine Carroll says it was thought to strengthen the immune system and it was used as a remedy for coughs and colts. Licorice is also mentioned in the oldest Chinese Book of

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