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My Thoughts On Global Markets


Eight is absolute mayhem out there in the markets and well pretty much everywhere. The world does grapple with. What's going on with this virus? Let's say one thing I've noticed for a long time. We've had a very strong market traditional markets stocks and whatnot especially in the US eleven year. Bull run since the GSA. What did we learn that seemingly nothing? We did learn. The quantitative easing does tend to ease the burden on on on the big businesses right boosts markets. What else did we learn? Well tax cuts to help as well. Because you know you you add three point two billion. Us dollars to the bottom line of the biggest bank in America which was wells. Fog At dawn of course. Trump's tax rates have helped to stimulate the economy as well what works well shaped debt cheap. Daedalus able to continue both corporate and retail to continue to pump money into markets over flight. What needs to have a natural progression on the pullback. Yes Ladies and gentlemen grade has truly got us to this point and guess. What's going to get the blame? Well it's very convenient that we are in an election year in the US. And guess what we're also in one hit in Australia. So what will we hear? We will hear that it is. The Koran of ours is fault it is corruption virus corona's Corona Var has got nothing to do with the excessive levels of debt. That's been put out there in the market. It's got nothing to do with the fact that we've been going twelve years just about and haven't had a pullback it has nothing to do with any of these factors we've been responsible everything's Pale fawn and the world should just keep on going on if it wasn't for this. Gosh Don called you know. I'm not taking away anything from the seriousness of this virus. I quite frankly no. It's not my world of expertise but the markets What's going on is and what you'll find for me You might find from not all this is an actually tried to through the GMC. I was in London at the time. I was trading at the talk. This is something that I've seen before lost was. Cds And city is a guy with the we saw him come up. He's the real big kicker for me looking at what's going on at the moment. We're seeing things happen. We're seeing things unfold. The market is panic. Selling the underlying real issues will come to some point down the track. What was in the Jesse? Well we know it was. It was debt. We know that those an issue around debt and that was to do with housing giving mortgages paypal. It's really shouldn't have had it now. What difference does that make? So what's different to that than today? Well a mile as many things in different you look at the corporate debt you look at the buybacks stocks of companies. Doing you have a look at the. The levels of the countries have have a look at these things. And you'll say that. Did anything still know that? Put the hammer down. They went deeper. There is more debt out there today but from a corporate level and our retail level and there was back then. So don't be fooled. Doesn't think it's all about the corona voice. This is a perfect scapegoat again. Not taking anything away from the series to solve this. That's not what here I'm just saying. Ear GRAND KEEP LOOKING AT. What is actually coming out of this league oil at these record lawyers these massive lawyers this war between the Saudis and the Russians that is pushing oil process down. Oil is a massive business. Obviously I can see foreclosures coming in who holds the debt for these oil companies that a guy four cores. Well the banks okay. There's a lot of money invested into the oil industry. There's a lot that is going on. That is just one thing. There is a debt on housing yet. A guy in especially here in Australia it could be absolutely cahnge. There's the culprit There is so many things out there that will unravel just because of the Koran of ours is what they'll tell you so we heard today we've got a pandemic on our hands we've also heard from straying government a leader if you can call him that Scott Morrison. He's goal now. Unlike quite we now have one goal in twenty twenty to protect the health wellbeing and livelihoods of strange through this global crisis and to ensure that when the recovery comes and it will we are well positioned to bounce back strongly on the other side okay. He's also said quite whatever you thought. Twenty twenty was going to be about think again. Well isn't this just nozzles. Rinse off all that bad debt. Let's get it all out of the way. Now let's blame it on a virus. We're GONNA see some absolutely phenomenal things going on out there. I am certain of that. What else are we going to say? Well we've got the perfect storm right now. If you're a crypt I believe it. Will you know what we are really really on the door knocking? We Knocking Hod. Rot Now right now. With the Dow down five point six percent on that. Close the two hundred down three point six percents about to open in the coming moments now we have a cryptic list what we got going on here. Will Bitcoin stand one percent? Are we gonNA say Bitcoin Sean? I really really think it is a time. I think if we're GONNA say this market do what? This market has advertised on the box for many many as it's the first. Gmc WE'VE got. Most people around the world will know what to Bitcoin? As as markets are in free fall right now absolute carnage in traditional markets trillions being walked off stock values trains being walked funds. Bitcoin down one percent in all of this carnage. This could be the biggest event for this market as I could cause. I'm not predicting it but I'm telling you right now. You know way positions for this. I've been waiting for this. This is the time. This is the time for me to be right or wrong all still too early but let's have a look.

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