Cam Newton feels like 'fish out of water' as free agent


Switch teams have been or will be affected the most with the stoppage in sports is it someone like lebron and the Lakers is it a future free agent Yanis entre combo in the Milwaukee Bucks we played some audio from Kim Newman at the top of this hour cam Newton made it clear you know he's being affected his opportunity to latch on to a new team he said he feels like a fish out of water not being a member of the Carolina Panthers and you know he can't latch onto it seem right now you can't go meet with squads and teams and you know we've had seems like the the charges who have been added him the Redskins his old coach Ron Rivera who haven't showed public interest in acquiring him to maybe help Dwayne Haskins lead the way or set him up so you know who or what or what squads are being affected most by the stoppage in

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