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Coronavirus updates: Trump criticizes WHO as U.S. deaths near 13,000


And president trump has said the US government will soon have enough ventilators every state and an expected surplus could be sent to other countries he was speaking after the states of New York and New Jersey both reported the highest daily totals off coronavirus deaths the number of new cases has been falling this report from a North America correspondent Peter bos the worst week so far the death toll from covert nineteen continues to rise steeply across the country with the number of cases in New York on a call with it's in the hospitals and health workers continue to struggle with the enormity of the crisis the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo says there is some reason to be optimistic the rate at which people are being admitted to hospital and intensive care is slowing down at the daily White House briefing president trump said much more medical equipment was now on its way to hospitals more than a hundred thousand ventilators over the next few weeks so many that they wouldn't all be needed and some could be sent overseas the UK called today and they wanted to know would it be possible to get two hundred and we're gonna work it out we got to work it out they've been great partners United Kingdom they needed him desperately Mr trump also announced that he was considering putting a hold on funding for the World Health Organization he criticized the United Nations agency for its guidance that borders should be kept open as the US president found travel by foreign nationals from China in late January they called it wrong they call it wrong they missed the call they could have called it months earlier they would have known and they should have done and they probably didn't know so we'll be looking into that very

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Coronavirus updates: Trump criticizes WHO as U.S. deaths near 13,000

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