Sonic the Hedgehog - burst 04


Said that the he'll release them if sonic goes and stops Mecca robot. Nick in this evil land of course robotic was behind Mecca Robot Nang and everything and not going shows up but had that pokemon type of humor lake. I don't think of Pokemon having much humor. It did in the series. Remember that guy who always hit on the girl and always. We rejected that level of humor. Okay here it's like robotic is babysitting the president's daughter who's a pain and will only be good if he plays her at a video game but then he keeps beating around the game and she's way of laying. I mean it's just that type of thing if you liked the pokemon series and you like sonic go watch this. I watched the entire movie if you want to call it. That and I didn't enjoy it but I didn't really like the POKEMON series. Yeah but keep in mind. Pokemon had a never ending generation of new characters. Like there's probably only what five or six friends around Sonic the whole time? It wasn't like you always gotta catch them all and get some new spinning hedgehog but they always added more characters because they wanted spin off games like knuckles got his own game for real. Yeah that thing. I mean. They're trying to make it. Mario Mario can have Luigi Mansion and Woori. Oh and all of these characters. I didn't know Luigi had his own side job. Yeah he had aside Hustle Luigi in a horror based content house game. Wow Okay you're going deep. I didn't know anything about this. I know that they got so competitive. That like if you were even like a mushroom you would get your own games. Then in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine comes the biggest W T F in sonic history. I doubt that it's a series called sonic underground okay. I'm liking this set at a distortion future. Mobile troppled okay. It's taken over by robotic to Robo propolis. Okay now get this. It's like some biblical epic Oracle shows up and talks to sonic's mother and says you and your three children will eventually overthrows robotic but to do this. You must hide three children separately and so there's a blue sonic at like a pink purple Hedgehog and a Green Hedgehog all of whom go to different foster parents while the mother goes into hiding. This is way complicated. I CAN UNDERSTAND. The world is automated and everything is like got gears and clamps and robots right. But everything's dark like never daylight. It reminded me of season two of war of the worlds because they have to be in hiding. And there's bill troops and bounty hunters. That's a common trope. I think think of our future being controlled by robots thus being a dystopia but the children thing and the prophecies a little weird so what did they end up doing. They ended up the three children reunited and formed a punk band. Oh that's hence the underground. They're they're a little late on that trend. I'm just going to say by that point. The spice girls and Christina Aguilera were kicking the shit out of all of alternative music and really blew my mind still Julia White Talk Lordy. Why isn't he in movie? You know he's so mad at Jim Carey. He had two things as whole life was going to come in and steal his thunder. Yeah Damn I thought he had one thing. So there you go. This is quite educational. Arnie all right that in two thousand and three in Japan there was a series called. Sonic X now. This is available on Hulu. It was never dubbed into English. No so I'm reading subtitles on this thing. It's the closest to the movie we're going to discuss. Sonic and his friends are from another world and something happens with magic gems and their teleported to earth and they have to remain in hiding scientists. Want to take them apart and study them and it's sonic and tails and some of the others but also from their world is Dr Robotic. Who's like I

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