Strategist Steve Schmidt Discusses Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump


Do you think that Bernie Sanders is the biggest threat to your president trump? Right now I do think so I would say that the biggest threat to president trump is president trump. What do you mean by that? Well if he's on his game as he was at the state of the Union there's a candidate in the country that can beat them if there is a second choice of than himself it would be Bernie Sanders Bernie. Sanders brings out outside game in a similar fashion. That president trump did in two thousand sixteen interesting moment there with Tim. Scott of South Carolina Senator Bernie Sanders coming off a big win in Nevada. And on Saturday we will come to what is only. Let's remember the second primary of the political season. Let's talk about the state of our politics with us. Now Steve Schmidt a veteran former Republican strategist us since left the Republican Party. But he's here with US tonight. That's all we care about. Let's take them one at a time. Let's start with the Republicans. Start WITH SENATOR. Scott's point the biggest risk to donald trump is donald trump because we just had shannon petty peace with with a straight face as a reporter. Say It's another one of these crises corona virus. That trump didn't start himself. Well Look Tim. Scott is correct. I mean the person that is always created the most powerful for Donald trump politically is is donald trump but since his acquittal by the Senate as he's purging the government of anybody he thinks is disloyal as he is taking his revenge is he is a visceral rating the rule of law in unprecedented fashion. Interfering in criminal cases the Department of Justice his poll numbers are going up and so he is consolidating power at an alarming rate in doing so liberally. Let's talk about the Democrats and as we do. I WanNa play the Clip Bernie. Sanders campaign manager. Came on with Chris Hayes earlier on this network tonight. We'll look at that one of the reasons that I love and fight for Bernie Sanders. There's integrity and honesty. You get with him and what that means is when you ask them a direct question he gives you a direct response comes from his heart from his soul. Tells you exactly what he's thinking right and that means that sometimes you may disagree with his perspective but you know he's he's shooting straight with. He's not playing a political game. So when you ask them about. Hey how about Cuba and the Castro? Oh well he's an authoritarian. He's engaged in human rights abuses however there were some good things that happened in Cuba. We should acknowledge those two. And that's an honest answer and then other people will play political games. And that's why for instance Chris. I think over the course of this campaign. We've benefited from the fact that his stray shooting his integrity. His honesty rises above other people's efforts to try to offer political barbs and try to throw cheap shots in the kitchen sink at him that were tonight and at a CNN town hall and the last hour people to judge just said in effect here. We are as a party. We're talking about Fidel Castro. Indeed and they are and you look at travesty of a debate if you're in the business of wanting to remove Donald Trump from office. The one thing that wasn't talked at all about in that debate was trump or trumpism and so the campaign managers talking about Bernie Sanders Integrity. Is he showing integrity by not releasing his medical records? Is he showing transparency and integrity by not talking about the Price Tag associated with student? Loan Forgiveness Free Pre pre K. daycare for everybody. And there's no price tags on any of this. It's a dishonest progressivism. That's NO DIFFERENT THAN DONALD. Trump's dishonesty talking about the Mexican paid for wall it's all fantasy and so when Bernie Sanders goes out there. He starts talking about well. Here's the good sides of Fidel Castro. I think it's important to understand that there might be a constituency for that in this country but it's a really small one and it's certainly not enough to get you into an electoral college majority to win the White House. And it certainly dooms your chances in Florida. How do you process the fact that tomorrow night? We're going to have seven people on stage. Two of them are billionaires. Two of them look at real double digit poll numbers knowing that money bought those poll numbers not some inner need to have them as our next president. How do we process that well? I think they're two different cases right so first off. Mike Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City for twelve years and by any objective standard. He was one of the most competent successful leaders of large government anywhere in the world over the last quarter century. He was a profoundly successful mayor. I think it's a mistake for Democrats to attack. Somebody like Mike. Bloomberg who grew up in a middle-class circumstance and is a self made man is one of the country's greatest philanthropists and I disagree with him on a number of different issues but if you are invested in progressive causes. It's hard for me to think of anybody who has done more to advance progressivism whether it's on gun issues whether it's on climate then has Mike Bloomberg so the notion that Mike Bloomberg is on that stage somehow illegitimately is not something that I really understand. Tom Steyer has been an activist in American politics. Now for some period of years he has communicated a message. He's gotten the requisite poll numbers to be on the stage. The question will be after the South Carolina primaries. If you have eight moderate Democrats all of whom might have a greater chance of beating Donald Trump and does Bernie Sanders? Will some of those candidates get out of the race to help coalesce support around the strongest? Moderate candidate? Poor the issue right now in the Democratic primaries you cannot make an objective judgement and say Bernie Sanders is going to go down to Donald Trump in the swing states on the basis of poll numbers because the poll numbers. Don't support that in those states. But when you look at Bernie Sanders positions that we should criminalize illegal immigration. That we're going to take health insurance away from one hundred fifty million people who have private health insurance a of other issues the type of rhetoric that you saw him use on sixty minutes talking about Castro. All of these issues come together. In a way that I think objectively with James Carville said is disqualifying for somebody running for president in somebody. Who'S LIKELY TO LOSE TO DONALD TRUMP and I think that's what you're saying. A lot of panic in the democratic electorate in the democratic officeholder class in these days really focused on Steve Schmidt always a pleasure. Thank you for

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