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What I would love to know. Because I'll tell you how I discovered you but I I think it would be no. I'll just say how I discovered you because I think it was an act of God. I always feel like the universe conspires to make things come together. I was watching a youtube video about. I don't even remember what. And then you know how youtube serves up little tiny videos on the side. I saw your head talk and clicked on it and literally within twenty minutes of senior Tedtalk. I had creeped on everything about you online. I had sent you a DM on instagram. And ask you to speak at Rice. And the reason I tell that story for you but also to our listeners is I think that women struggle so much with putting themselves out there and wanting to show off their work or acknowledging it and if you hadn't put that video on your youtube we wouldn't be having this conversation so it's super super important to talk so much about power to stand in your own power but I'm gonNA assume that your origin story is did not start from the place that you are now. So will you tell listeners who you are and what you do and kind of the story of how you got to where you are absolutely so what? I tell people in the morning when I do. My show is that my name is stacey flowers real last name because nobody believes me and I make a living through talking. Just like Oprah I do it from the stage and from the sage I talk about happiness empower also. Do It via coaching with me. Coaching women to be more amazing than I do. Avia influencing and that's kind of weird sort of our story intersected with you finding the Tedtalk and then finding other content so on the influencing side on Youtube I've been documenting restoring my financial journey after like this big huge monumental public failure in my company Started with me making about eight hundred dollars a month working part time at cafe to now earning about ten K. A month net working part time in my company and the like to kind of give people that background because it gives you the scope of like how I am as a person in terms of the work that I'm putting out but I think the other thing that's really going on in my life right now. That gives a little bit. More of the backstory is that I'm a mom of nearly eighteen year old human being which feel crazy when you ever seen. Stacy you need to go. Look at her instagram right. Now you will not believe. It's possible that she has an eighteen year old yet like I I know it I see it. I barely believe in so like I'm in full blown like empty nest syndrome slash. How is my child almost like legally able to Mary and another another? He wants to like it. Just it doesn't make any sense. Oh I'm in this very interesting space right now in my company and in my personal life with regards to those two things being there and then the last thing that I love for people to know is that I'm an eight because the deeper we dive into on the Graham. I don't know if you do any Graham. I think are talked about the queen of India. Graham it is our favorite conversation here at the office and I feel like when you know. Someone's number you're like okay. We Are you an eight seven. You gotta be an eight. Yes eight seven. Yeah Yeah. I'm an eight seven but I like to tell people that because before I knew that I was in eight like I really didn't have a framework to sort of organize a lot of my experiences. That led up to this moment but the minute. I took it I was like what? Yeah now my life makes sense to me. So it's been it's been really exciting so that's kind of a little bit about who? I am now and like the work that I do now. It's super interesting about that too is that. I don't know a lot of women who are eights who will confidently claim that number. And if you don't if y'all know what we were speaking in a language right now if you please a I feel like I've talked about ten million times. You can go google it but if you understand any Graham you understand. The eight is the challenger which oftentimes gets a bad rap but also the eight is a world changer. Mother Theresa wasn't a Martin Luther King. Junior was a there are so many powerful AIDS but not a lot of women. Of course your your whole thing is about power. Not a lot of women will own that. What was that journey like for you? Where you immediately like. Hell yes or did it take you a moment kind of come to terms with it. It took me a moment to cut so privately. I was like yes I know. Why why him? But it was a very private thing because then I was like Oh my God like all of the things that I thought as a kid. They're true and like now people like people are going to know and so it took me a little bit but like what I like about. The Graham is a gives you like the range of how you how you are when you're at your best and then how you are when you're under stress. And so when I looked at it I was just like you know stacey all of these years that you've been trying to pretend that you're not an eight this is what's making it hard for you like this is what's making people have a bad reaction to you being a woman who is as powerful as you actually are. What would happen if you just Kinda show up in your full eight minutes likes what would happen if you did that. And honestly that's sort of like what happened from with my tedtalk going out like that happened before I had my big fall and so it's just like that was already out there so when I started documenting my financial journey which was really hard because it was such a contrast to the experience doing a tedtalk and traveling around the world. It was like I have these two really contracting experiences. But I'm like if I'm going to talk about it I'm GonNa talk about it completely in that directly came from me wanting to own my Eytan and being like even in this space where I'm starting over at the bottom. I'm still just as powerful as I was when I was standing onstage delivering that Tedtalk and since making that decision has been just like the best thing ever. That's why I always like to mention it because it's just like when you know that at the core this is who you are it's like why would you why fight it like why. Why rail against it anymore in the more and more of embraced it. The more opportunities like rise have shown up that I've been able to say yes absolutely I will surely come to your stage and do my thing like versus me being like. Oh pick me choose me. It's like I don't have that sort of thing happening in my life is much anymore. It's more people are noticing me and they're like Oh and I'm like yeah been here like but it's like the reason you didn't know because I was afraid to really embrace the nature of it because as you said most women are not aids and if they are as it's not it's not an easy thing to do because people automatically assume that we're GONNA be like this aggressive like zero tolerance type personalities. Just like no. I'm all woman. I'm just a different type of woman with a whole lot of

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