Shaker Heights: A Clockwork Orange



Lisa pruitt is dead. Someone stabbed her twenty one times in the early morning hours of September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety. She was found behind the Mansion. Where her boyfriend? Dan dreifort lived with his parents. Dance friends pointed the finger at the weird kid in school Kevin Young. And although there was no evidence linking Kevin to the crime and even though he had an alibi he quickly became the prime suspect for the detectives of the Small Town Department. They were out of their league and they knew it so they enlisted a renowned psychologist from Syracuse University. To help them get a confession from Kevin Young. No matter what I understand that in indeed. That's a very powerful alibi that the father indicates the Dan was in fact in his room and that they both heard the screams together. Yes that's that's very powerful. There is some I must say that we we had some difficulty still however with Dan subsequent behavior he after they go out to the edge of the property and and I'll go back into the home apparently satisfied that the source of the scream has left the area or whatever and that they can't find anything unusual. Apparently Dan rea exits the house to find the bicycle and then in fact without telling his parents called nine one one on his own to report what he believes to be. Now suspicious circumstances but then when the parents here the PRUITT's outside on the long you know and they're distraught in here are all these police vehicles. The crime scene being established up. Dan goes to bed falls asleep while the parents are waiting for the plain clothes. Detective to come in and interview them I found that I found that unusual in somewhat disconcerted but what we decided here was that Dick decided that well. That's not that's academic right. Because it's not Dan that we're going to be interrogating. It's it's Kevin. And whether or not he's the guy or not. We want to give the full shot to use the best psychological coercion. We can't right if in fact so that we get an admission out of him if in fact he is the killer. What is is the form talking to Kevin? Now he's gone to well. What we're trying to do is get a grand. Jury assembled where all witnesses would be subpoenaed and questioned before a grand jury including Kevin Young. What kind of immunity is involved in that None that I know of council allowed no Council no counsel he may take the Fifth Amendment. Almost certainly council would advise him to do that given that he has no immunity even willing immunity in such an interrogation right. Kevin is on a legally qualifies for adult offenders. Status is that right. That's right. Let me try to discords for a minute or two about what I believe to be. The psychological dynamics behind Kevin's peculiarities. There's no question that on the face of it Kevin's evidences self loathing self-deprecation what is sometimes called poor self image. He is in fact. I some suspicion that his own hospitalization was for an abortive suicide attempt to be the case the most recent one yes not to mojos while he indicated to the interviewer that he had nothing left to live for. I have that person with me. The officer that did the interviewing surgeon gray is here with me in my office. An excellent job by the way sergeant it was it was obviously a very productive interview. Even though we didn't get an admission there are some very revealing points that you undoubtedly felt that he was just about to tumble to to Rollover Dick and I both commented that In reading your report that first of all frequently visiting the bathroom. How many times three times within some short span of time right right all the signs of stress that something is bothering him. Yeah I mean all the physical signs in terms of I contact motion sitting back and forth in your chair and all the classic kind of interview things that you'd like to see once in a while. Were all clearly there. I mean the stress was real high on his level. What do you make of him saying that he could tell you that he had done it? And then he'd go to the hospital for a couple years but he really couldn't live with themselves. He he didn't tell you the truth. I mean I mean it's almost like is there truth other than he did it that I mean one of the things. We had been warned about ahead of time was the possibility that he had already justified. Some sort of course of action in mind and if his justification at something to do with it no. I really didn't do it or someone else did it. I mean if maybe he had totally blocked it out. We really don't know I mean. We were already prepared for the possibility that he had justified. This somehow and that he wasn't going to feel Yes this is On Jim Rights advice right right. Yeah I I. I concur a denial defense mechanism. For Kevin is high in his hierarchies of his ego protection. He is he's a fantasize he's A. His behavior is compensatory character. Who let me talk about that a bit. I think when you find such virulent self-deprecation self loathing I think you need to reach for an account doesn't doesn't stand on its own merit and the account is that you look at this. The self-loathing as compensatory behavior as denial behavior that is to say denial of the intrinsic the underlying belief that you are in fact superior that you are ideal in every way that you are a nip The opposite of someone who is unworthy you're Cream Lee worthy but that those thoughts are anxiety producing the Greeks used to call that the sin of Shoebridge. The notion that you aspired to God hood that you that you are. God causes enormous anxiety and anxieties compensated for defended against by the posture of the self deprecating. Self loathing fence. So you're very happy to talk about your being suicidal you're being unworthy. Nobody will talk to you. You're not found desirable by either men or women or what. What have you because that's your pose? That's your deception. What you don't want to talk about is the fact that your God that you control everyone that you believe you control your life etc and all the people around you you live in deception oppose the opposite of it. It seems to me that of what a perhaps in the attack we originally took. You don't minimize you. You maximize what he did his responsibility. His significance is capacity that the crime is important not minimal. He doesn't need help. He needs a pause for what he was able to accomplish his significance his importance etc is guilt feeling his guilt and there's no doubt that he in fact feels guilty in this post offense behavior of of starting a new life and I found that very significant in the statement that his profile of the killer suggest that he would move on and start a new life and then when he referred to a circumstances at college he referred to that as a new life for him right. He's in fact. He's very comfortable and whatever guilt he may have had. I think he's been able to deal with. I think that it's transparent and obvious that the guild is not sufficient to compensate or overbalanced his fears of the punishment that will accrue to will follow upon confession of that guilt. He's already fantasized circumstances of his imprisonment. So what we need to do is is. We need to arouse him around the Gilt again and that that may be difficult because now he's had ample time to scar over to see. Nothing is going to happen. That he's been successful is God like powers him again. Faced him because he is invincible? But I think that's the tact. We need to take that. He should feel guilty. He doesn't need help. He needs punishment. Does he feel that guilt. Still know as I'm saying I think he's originally it's completely it was able to compensate adequately for this because God felt guilt indeed the opposite. He would've been conflicted between feeling the importance of having done something that ordinary mortals. Don't do you normally mortals. Don't kill he understands. I think this his problems with his impulse control. He's impulsive is a great deal of difficulty with impulse control. He has to guard against this incredible power. That is within him this this power anger violence in. He asked to protect themselves from that and part of that his pose self deprecation etc the self-loathing. We need to play to what he believes to be his strengths. An inch doing we will arouse in him. His anxieties the anxieties and feeling god-like and those anxieties will trigger his guilt feelings again. We need to do what you would do. More with a a serial killer. It seems to me has in favor of the notions of power in being able to kill to recreate that sense of power significance that life taking capacity the interview took the tact of minimizing. You need help. Well you know they don't really you know you. Full offenders can mitigate this to the judge because he felt remorse etcetera etcetera. I'm saying and we know that that didn't work right. I'm saying we maximize the crime instead. Maximize the power the significance. You go back through the crime with a kind of fallacious dwelling upon the details but particularly with respect to the power the sheer marvelous power of being able to take the likes. You follow me

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