Federal judges' group calls emergency meeting over Roger Stone case


Roger stone sentence set to be sentenced the mmhm not sure when the sentencing is but a national yeah and I thought it was to visit today save it says here and later on I know that a judge is having a conference call with everybody involved in the case today that's what's happening today national association of federal judges is called an emergency meeting for today to address growing concerns about the intervention of the justice department and president trump in politically sensitive cases Philadelphia US District Court judge symphony roof who heads the independent federal judges association said the group could not wait intell it's spring conference to weigh in on a deepening and this is their words crisis that has enveloped the justice department and Attorney General William Barr supposed to be sentenced on third and third there are plenty of issues that were concerned that our concerts there are plenty of issues that we are concerned about she said we'll talk all of this through that's this is today this is the day I guess roof was nominated to the bench by president George W. bush said that more than one thousand federal Joris many of them Republicans call for the meeting last week after trump criticized prosecutors initial sentencing recommendation for his friend Roger stone anymore that is really in this morning the department of justice overruled them a trump also took a swipe at the federal judge who is set to presided stone sentencing hearing on Thursday is this the judge did put Paul man a fort in solitary confinement something that not even mobster Al Capone doing new I understand that the court has symbols like the bonus room always got get out to get out you know from tweeted last week referring US district judge Amy Berman Jackson how did she treat cricket Alary just looked just

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