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Harvey Weinstein Trial: New York Charges Explained


The first criminal case against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is coming to a close the prosecution here in New York is seeking a conviction on five charges of rape and sexual assault they claim the movie mogul treated his victims as quote completes disposables as winds dean awaits the verdict in his trial his defense team is preparing to battle more charges in California Michael George is here with more of the prosecution's closing arguments on Friday cap a dramatic six week trial assistant district attorney Joan Illuzzi spent three hours recounting the testimony of six women who allege abuse against Harvey Weinstein with his fate in the hands of the jury race movie mogul Harvey Weinstein flashed a smile as he limped out of the New York City court house prosecutors spent hours urging jurors to fine wine scene guilty of rape and sexual assault attorney Gloria Allred represents one of wine scenes accusers Mr one scene was powerful he manipulated these women the sixty seven year old is charged with raping a woman in a hotel room in March of twenty thirteen and forcibly performing a sex act on another woman in two thousand six during closing arguments prosecutor Joan Illuzzi called wind steam a predator and a master of his universe view his victims as ants he could step on in disposable the Hollywood producer fidget and appeared agitated as a lose he continued she recounted the testimony of star witness and about what's your who testified Weinstein raped her in the early nineties at this point it will be in the jury's hands we feel good about where we are one sees lawyer Donna retune argued prosecutors created an alternate universe during closing arguments on Thursday she also said the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt this is the case that should be about evidence it should be about emotion it should be about feelings and it's not a popularity contest Illuzzi fired back at those claims stating there are no blurred lines here this is a crime and a wanton disregard for other people now the decision is up to the jury of seven men and five women and jury deliberations are expected to begin Tuesday following the president's day holiday during the weeks long trial Weinstein chose not to testify in his own defense but he maintained any sexual encounters were consensual he faces possible life in prison if

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