Sanders on when he would use military action


There shows a Bernie Sanders continues to skate without answering any tough questions despite the fact that he is just a personal horrible views it is just a source of endless endless insanity to me that the Democratic Party is preparing to nominate this human being it's insane the man is a walking a coexist bumper sticker is no Rothman over commentary but if the man is George McGovern exit more communist yeah let let me give you a couple of examples so Bernie Sanders let's check out his Twitter account his Twitter account is it basically AOC without the sparkling what it really is there's something he tweeted out it it's it's incredible it's incredible that this human being is taken seriously by people is unbelievable she tweets out our military is larger than these countries combined China hundred ninety one billion dollars has been flagged he flies I can actually identify China hundred eighty one billion dollars Saudi Arabia's seventy eight billion dollars France sixty one bit well as it is that which one is the vertical and first of the horizontal I Frances fifty two billion dollars I believe transferable Japan is forty eight billion dollars Great Britain fifty four billion dollars Germany forty billion dollars South Korea thirty nine billion dollars Brazil twenty seven billion dollars and that would be Italy twenty seven billion dollars Russia is sixty one billion thank you have a missile a Russian flag C. and I'm not working for Pune so what if we invested in human needs to care for one another instead what we invested a human needs to care for one another instead okay first of all I'm historical level I think it's a fairly good thing that the United States military is larger than Germany Japan Italy combined that seems like that's probably a good idea by just looking at some history but I'm very happy that the United States military is hegemonic but that's a very good thing Bernie is such a flaming communist it is like what if we book our entire military budget and we used it to pay off free child care and we just what do we really need a military so large we really need a militant and the answer is yes to stop people from killing us and attacking us and wrecking our interest the man is he's using the song imagine as a campaign platform I'm I turn does no countries it's not hard if you will try but nothing to live or die for adults only I thank hello how are you what the hell is wrong with you people and then he tweets this out together we're going to end the greed of the billionaire class I'm just a question to one question which is more greeting people will not cost you know people who created a business and then sold lots of product into lots of voluntary transactions and employed tens of thousands of people that provide products to presumably millions of people and a million people's lives easier or the octogenarian communist was down zero useful things his entire life except **** off the chief of the state and a billion or taxpayer and sponsor his wife for positions for which is utterly unqualified who is greedy I'm so sick of these of these people suggesting that true altruism wise and sucking off the teach of people actually burn is insanity this is nothing new in my income level I've been saying the same things as I was making like fifty grand a year okay I totally get it this is it this is an absolute it's absolute nonsense people buy into this it turns out that and we should not be a political platform that's all this is the greed of the billing or but when you become greedy stressors question like earnings of million did he become more greedy when his net wealth went to a million and one when I took her to slip up suddenly became greedy or is it the truth that is the founders understood all human beings have the capacity for greed and all human beings have the capacity for altruism and all human beings have the capacity for sin and all human beings have the capacity for decency but according to Bernie because a materialist Marxist he believes that as you get richer you get more greedy and therefore actual saintly nest rise in being a sponge right if you're if you're burning you've never done a useful thing you're like you're actually good you're going because you never been greedy doctrine or standard taking other people's money for doing nothing but you're not greedy because the only measure greed is by your material circumstance the richer you are the more greedy you are there for the poorer you are the less greedy you are and your personal activity doesn't come into this at all this is the person that you guys want a nominee for president all right sure

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