Mar I am the host of crystallize. Beat PODCAST. As well as the head writer for never near stomping ground blog and I started this because I know how difficult it is to come up in the music industry and I wanNA give these new artists of boost and give them a platform where they can make a name for themselves and worked with some really great artists and we have some phenomenal artists to come so definitely subscribe to our channel and keep checking us out guys. What's up on Mondays and Wednesdays on the never near stomping ground blog a we feature a different up and coming male hip hop artist. So go check it out at. Never Nair Dot Com. Hey what's up? It's Crystal Amar and this has crystallized beats tonight's featured artist on the stomping ground blog is Hakim paragon and we are going to be listening to his song. Love don't so let's get to it even walk Shis in ready to run but mortgage you need from me or they want verse King but only love is free only to love. I'm just a product. He's rally applying pressure as if we live in. Just don't want me to leave on my level to you better. Believe them sleep. Pap- demand a teammate. Listening to DOC got a double down but it all put it on me. Oh Mama put the house up until the time. But I'm not minute something to be proud of trying to shine in any money more problems always Carson Palmer was beloved. Don't make the world let me Powell. Don't make broke arouse back often. Te Want you. You know way too all right so we just listened to Hakim Paragon love. Don't off the album sunflower in the. She'd and I really love that album. I love that. It's more of a positive vibe. I'm going to put his information in the podcast note so definitely go and.

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