Houston coronavirus updates: What you need to know


Houston's public health director says public policies being made over the corona virus are only as good as the information that they're based on Dr David purses testing labs a local hospitals have to do a better job reporting positive cases and fatalities including the four new deaths reported today one of these the person who died died back in March so this is not at least the second time when we have had a greatly delayed report of death and we found this one through our efforts are going through death certificates the city of Houston so far has reported twenty three confirmed deaths twenty two hundred cases of coronavirus Madera county reporting forty two new cases of covert nineteen bringing that county's total to three hundred age health officials say ninety four Montgomery County residents already have recovered from the corona virus there Galveston county reports two more covert nineteen deaths both people in their eighties with underlying health problems bring the county's death toll to eleven overall Galveston county has fifteen new cases for a total of three hundred ninety two also they have thirty eight new recoveries for total of one hundred thirty in that county

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