Jaguars trade former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to Chicago

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Let's get started with Adam schefter on this breaking news regarding former Super Bowl. Winning quarterback Nick foles like will be reunited with Matt Nagy on his way to Chicago. What can you tell us about? Details choosy moments ago the Jacksonville Jaguars in Chicago bears agreed on a trade that will send the bears compensatory fourth round. Pick the one hundred forty eighth overall selection to Jacksonville in return for Nick Volks. Who COMES INTO CHICAGO AND KNOWS THE COACHING STAFF? Where he worked with Matt Nagy in Philadelphia he worked with. He worked with John De Filippo in Philadelphia. He wrote with Bill Laser Philadelphia. And they believe that it's going to be a source of comfort for them to get that done and that will be a big move for the Chicago bears. They felt like they had to get a veteran. The Jaguar spoke to the colts about a trade for Nick foles. The colts decided to go with Philip Rivers. They talked to the bears. The bears get done. That trade at foals is owed a lot of money. What do you know right now about how they redo this deal to make it work for everyone? Well listen. They could sit down and restructure that contract and perhaps they do that but the deal just came down as we speak and so we're waiting to see

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