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Is the show most excited about. I've been excited in anticipation of it for a long time. The author Steven Wright has been on bookworm twice a four. I love his work and it takes him the Gourd zone time to complete it. I've been waiting for his newest novel which is called processed cheese and which is published by Little Brown. Oh for around seven years and as I read it I wanted it to never be over. I wanted to be reading it forever. I think like Stevens other books. It's made out of sentences and a feeling about the world that's completely his own knowing. No the title processed cheese. Stephen has been with you for a while. I've been wanting to write a book with that title since I can remember so. I finally did the title game before the Book Way. Back when I was sixteen. One of the things my father did was to make cheese board sees pieces of wood which cheese was attached under plastic at first when it started out like most American things they were real genuine supreme vintage cheeses but as things had to be less and less expensive to be made. These cheeses were replaced by process cheeses and the expensive store. The same bloomingdale's that sold the cheese board was replaced by five and ten where you could get. The junk is on the junk board in the junk rapper. And that was what growing up in. America was light during that period that was UAE. May Be we needed the sixties so when. I saw your tunnel processed cheese. It meant so much to me about the end of quality and the beginning of junk in my child he read it exactly the right way. That's terrific now. Tell me this is a book about as one of the first chapter says money money money money money money money. It's about the replacement of everything by the need for money. And more money and under funded coppell find that the husband has been hit by a bad. Were walking down a street. The bag is filled with hundred dollar bills. Which are wrapped in plastic packets? He suddenly got more money than he or his wife. Ambience know what to do with his name is graveyard. Her name is Ambien. Stephen Word of these names come from. I wish I knew they just. I don't know where they came from. The thing is that when they occurred to me it just seemed absolutely right that these were the right names for these people so they stock all of the names of the people in this book are based on industrial processes or Johnke. The city's the places are named things like random Burg this is the world that's died down and been replaced by the equivalent of processed cheese. John Exact has replaced everything. Yeah that is the theme of the book. Yes now the book is so funny. I mean you'll pardon me laugh out loud funny I laugh out loud myself sometimes thinking about phrase or line yes so that's pretty pleasing when he can laugh at your own stuff even years after you wrote it. It's a hung aureus book but a book. That's hilarious about a tragedy of life. That life does not feel like life anymore that life feels like its own version of processed cheese. Yeah exactly how do you live while riding such a book? It's Day by day. You just get through the day like everybody else. You know you get through each day as best you can but. I need to tell my listeners that Steven Wright our guest is the author of five books the first one was called Meditations in Green. It was the first major who Gustav Nation of Vietnam. The second book M Thirty One was a family romance. I pointed out when reading it that it seemed to be based on the nightmare. Gatherings in Faulkner's novel sanctuary. But you don't have to know that it's a Family of people who believe in Outer Space Aliens going native was a book. Oh Stephen I really was barely out of my twenties. I was given this show to do and I asked someone. I think it was an beady. Who SHOULD I meet in New York publishing? Who would help me to know how to go about doing books on my show and she sent me to the man who turns out to have been your life long friend and editor Michael Pietsch. Yes he gave means three chapters of the then unpublished looney tunes novel going native. I say gooney tunes novel because it has on its original edition a big looney tunes series of circles you expect bugs to be poking his head through And I then spoke to Stephen when going native came out the amalgamation Polka imagined that southern scientists were able to change the color of the skin of the people that they wanted to amalgamate. It's a bizarre disturbing novel. That reminds me of Herman. Melville's peer or the ambiguities. Steven Wright did me the favour of teaching me. What the word in that. Some title Pierre or the ambiguities means. Tell US Stephen. The subtitle is Pierre or the ambiguities and it turns out that in the nineteenth century. That was a phrase that was used for someone who lost their mind. He's got the ambiguities. Isn't that amazing? I did not know that 'til I was done with the book. If I had known that I would put it in

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