Life as a Trucker Right Now

Over the Road


Heard from a lot of you out there this week Thanks for your calls him messages. You're wondering what's it like out there for truckers with everything that's going on in the country. We got this call just a couple of days ago. Hey this is Jordan. I'm calling from Washington. Dc obviously like a lot of people in the world right now Hunker down in my apartment Because of nineteen and I've been thinking a lot about what this means for truckers in terms of the economy and folks stocking up on groceries and You know their role is the lifeblood of the country in a moment of chaos like this well Jordan life for me as Reefer. Holler has not changed that much. I guess that speaks a little bit to what attracted me to refer work in the beginning is people always gotta eat and While they're there have been small changes so I mean this week I've seen people wearing bandannas like the lone ranger. You go way your truck and the Nice cashier at the truck. Stop quickly avoid your outstretched hand and she sets your change on the counter. Who can blame her? There's an old customer we've been to for years. It had a nice indoor toilet and while there's an out of order sign on. And Wow maybe it really is out of order or maybe they just don't want to be a petri dish. Were a pandemic. So you know it's easy to get thin skinned about these things But these are just working people. Don't WanNa get sick and my wife Denise Said she'd like to go with me next week. In case I get quarantine. Somewhere far away we could be together and how I'm not sure about

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