Colt McCoy, New York Giants Agree To Deal


The giants and the jets and they continue to make some moves nothing to write home about per se I think with the New York and you know but the New York football giants laid to in the afternoon Thursday afternoon with colt McCoy now backing up as we speak Mister Jones so that is a better a backup don't you think that Alex standi who last took a snap well with the Tennessee back in twenty fifteen so called McCoy has had some experience in a more able bodied back up we had a chorus Brady in Tampa and everybody wants to play with Brady Robby Anderson of the jets came out and said he'd like to play with Brady well get in line because that's the word that half of the NFL wants to play with Brady at Robbie Anderson by the way not getting any kind of knocking on his door no rumors no speculation nothing a year with Robby Anderson who is not getting any kind of play with that kind of money that he wants more so and probably will re sign with the New York Jets but with the jets money I'm not the kind of money that if he wanted to make in the open market so the jets and giants have been making some moves and I guess you know Bradbury for the new York football giants Martinez the middle linebacker from Green Bay those are two notable moves and of course both teams are trying to shore up the the offense of line and I think both teams might be able to make some major moves and hope to make some major moves once we get to the NFL draft and I think it's safe to say that both the jets and the giants will be looking for an offense of linemen end or a wide receiver in this upcoming

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