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Good Morning. Welcome to marketing over coffee. I'm John Wall today. We've decided to bring a woman on French National Women's month Katie Robert. Thanks for joining us now. With more real women. It's about time you were on the right side of History John. And and so that's part of just before we jumped on it again and International Women's Day is over one hundred years old. I just thought that this was one of those hallmark holidays. That got made up in the seventies so they could make more money but like this is legit yeah so march. Eight is International Women's Day and then the whole month of March is women's History Month. It's similar to other months where they're other ethnicities other cultures. I don't WanNa get too far down the feminist rabbit hole. But it's sort of sad that we still treat the gender of a woman as a whole separate culture or a whole separate identity that needs to be celebrated and needs to be like you need to pay attention because a lot of things happened. I mean women haven't always had the right to vote and a whole host of other things. You could start. Go down and say like we'll right now. Women's reproductive rights are in jeopardy. It's silly these are things that are just basic human rights that women have had to fight twice as hard for so. I'm not gonNA spend the whole episode talking angry speak but I think it's important. Justice Sorta College at Shit that some of these things. Yeah definitely and we've got a couple of topics that we want to run by you and the ideas we've come up with. Chris has always doing you. Ask Answer on marketing analytics stuff which is Great. But we actually have some real in the trenches workplace questions to throw to you and we can get your feedback on them. And hopefully it will figure out who's stepping on a landmine versus. Who's doing the right thing? So we can dig into that one to kick off. The Unilever had a story talking about achieving gender balance in management globally they have thousands of employees worldwide and they actually had reached fifty percent management in the states. But they've now announced that that's the same worldwide that they've done it all over the globe. This is great. News obviously making moves in the right direction from the ground up which I thought was the most important thing to me. But what do you think about how that goes and how they should take advantage of it? What's your overall take? I think it's a great thing for them to be celebrating. Because I don't think that companies realize that this is not a normal thing to see. Obviously there is you know. Companies and industries out there that are more female dominated the male dominated but the majority is still from a management standpoint. And up it's still very male dominated. I've seen this in my own experience. Where when I look across the team of managers it could be ninety percent male. Now that's not to say that male managers are not a good thing but in terms of balancing and getting a more diverse perspective. It's something we talk about in artificial intelligence all the time you need that diversity in order for the approach to be as balanced as possible. That's true of humans that's true of machines and I think that it's such a great move and what I'm hoping is that Unilever really takes advantage of this milestone that they've had an start really like sharing. This is what our culture looks like. This is a peek inside the day to day operations if we're celebrating that we have this balance of management between genders. What does that mean? What's changed really? Does it mean more revenues. Does it mean more employee retention whatever that metric is. I hope that they continue to share it publicly. Yeah that's a great point. It would be good to hear kind of how everything else goes. And of course see what other companies can jump on board to. It just always strikes me. We see so many posting things about well there's not enough C. level executives. But of course if you don't have middle managers you're not going to get the C. level executives otherwise. You're just going to be in this game. Poaching a small group of sea level exacts but by building your own you are actually changing things across the board and just creating better culture for the company from the ground up. I'd love to see people doing things that way. Because it's just it's kind of making change that's ingrained in the organization as opposed to trying to patch and move and buy your way out of problems. I agree I agree. I think that it's definitely going to have an impact on culture. I mean it's tough to say because it almost feels like setting the feminist movement backwards but women are more empathetic. They care more about feelings in terms of what happens in the job place and mail cultures and this is a broad stroke. You can tell me that I'm wrong. It's up just a broad generalization but when you have a predominantly male culture. It's very different from when you have women in the mix you know. It tends to be well. You know what I'm not even GONNA go down that road. I I myself will probably get a lot of trouble if I try to. Make those generalizations of people who tell me. I'm wrong and I WANNA be wrong. I want to know that my assumptions about the way that business still works are changing. Yeah we've seen so many cultures with testosterone overdose. That that's just a mistake. Yeah I'll tell you the worst of the worst. We had an article about clearview. This APP that uses facial recognition. It's now from what I understand. It's only in the hands of law enforcement. You need to be a law enforcement agency to have it but he basically just grab a picture of somebody run it through clearview and comes back with their whole social profile and everything. That's out on the web. You can find out who. Somebody isn't what they do. And they grabbed a picture of one of the investors who had early access to this and was using it. His daughter was on a date and he was checking out the guy and it was just funny because the picture they used to this guy. You know I'm sure you've seen some of these Harvey Weinstein photos that have been going around recently. Yeah I'm looking at the photo now and it's just making me or if you've got the photo it's like our guy like makes. Java the hut look like you know Java could be doing some modeling to put this front on ugly behavior but then the thing that made me laugh was. It's just putting a front on on what's there because like when I got that article I immediately. It was like okay. Well who's the daughter? And within three seconds I had five years of pictures of her and her whole story and everything. That's going on with her. So you know. It's kind of their for everybody. But when you put a wrapper on it and make it as easy as an epic. It's shocking to people. Well I was going to say you know I. It really speaks to that whole privacy issue that we're running into these days like it's privacy on the Internet is. It's not a new issue. It's just a recurring issue and I think that what people are now. Catching onto is the more information. You posed about yourself pictures on social media and that kind of thing like it just. It's there for the taking and it becomes the training. Data set four tools like facial recognition. I'm a little bit of a conspiracy theorist so when it comes to like those facebook challenges of like you know the ten year challenge. You know really what it's doing is it's updating the database to see how your face has changed over the past ten years so that it doesn't have to try to like guests and mockup how you've changed overpass ten years you like. You're doing the work or the database. I understand like the police want to use it but the fact that it started as a secret play thing of the ranch which is what the article title says. It's just kinda gross.

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