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Harrier 809: Britain's Legendary Jump Jet


Week's addition comes from the central London and we have a slightly different podcast to a usual technology and industry focus. I'm absolutely delighted to be joined by aviation author and historian. I think that's fair rolling white. Who's GonNa talk a little bit about his new book? Harrier eight hundred nine which comes out in. May End of April which looks back at the role of the partic- Harry in the Falklands War and sort of looks a little bit ahead as well. Rhode Island welcomes check six. Thanks very much understand you a bit of a Fan I am. I've been I've been listening to check six at home for as long as I've been listening to. Podcasts is one of the first I discovered and so Thrilled to be on it. That's great before we get to the nitty gritty of the book. I wonder if we could just ask how you go into this. I mean you navient engage. I'm absolutely aviation Geek and have been for as long as I can remember a as a kid. I remember flying into Wattisham. My Granny's house in Suffolk Going to ashes at Lake in. He's Mildenhall Duxford grew up in Cambridge. had a primary school teacher whose husband was working on the British Aerospace on the on the Tornado. And so I'd get sort of the tornado calendar and those things. Just you know made made by Hartley. So I've been an aviation geek as long as I can remember earned On the opportunity to kind of explore some of those things that captured imaginations a kid more latterly has been an absolute privilege and pleasure. Epic gave us a premise of the book focuses. Your Second Falcons will. Yes I sort of circled back to the Falklands war from Nazran space shuttle. Each book seems to be reaction to the one before. So Hey we're back on Rissoli British territory Obviously the Harriet to any British aviation fan is an iconic machine. And the folklore opposites. Its finest

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Harrier 809: Britain's Legendary Jump Jet

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