How the Warriors stack up against Jordan's Bulls

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Everybody in the free world. Watch the last dance the other night. It appears Draymond. Green did too and draymond green went on a podcast yesterday. uninterrupted W RT s after. Show party with Paul Rivera and Maverick Carter. No less And he likened their last season with Kevin Durant the warriors to what he had just watched on. Tv with the last season of the Bulls and he didn't hold back and he said one of the things from watching it. Was that what you saw? Is everybody kind of set it up like this is going to be the last year and so there was none of that elephant in the room hanging out there for their team That last warriors team with Durant and said that you know. Steve tried to deal with it but Kevin was asked about it every day. Dream on saying I want to be a warrior for Life Klay say and I want to be a warrior for life and then there was this elephant in the room the entire year and it was almost as if he watched the last dance and thought Jeez They handled that a lot. Better like hanging out there the whole year. Everybody knew that was going to be the end and so they just treated it that way the whole year. What you guys think. I mean ownership didn't handle it better. The player of the players may have the players may have handled it at worst. And Scottie Pippen you know getting the surgery when he did wanting out you know Jordan thinking was selfish but ownership on the warriors side of things. At least their goal is building with sustainability. They WANNA keep steph curry and Klay Thompson and continue winning. Reisen Dorf in Krause and the Bulls were ready to pull the plug after the first three championships. Trying to trade pippen for camp granted that still a win but then after it it's about China. Tear Down Arriba. I don't see that from the warriors now but it is fascinating. How much history has repeated in some ways with the disease of more and whatnot that manifested with Katie? Always being jealous of steph curry in the spotlight that he received and you look at what the Bulls went through in the nineties. I it is hard to see the parallels from the players side. We think I didn't see it. I just think Jerry mind was a I think he was a little narcissistic with it is totally different situation. Durant in that situation is basically the Rodman character. Rodman was on the Bulls for three years. Durant shows up for three years pushes him to another level but other I mean the bulls thing was so different Jordan and pippen were together for you know twelve years and there were Phil Jackson for. I don't know it was at least nine or whatever and everything was the same and they were just going going going and they had all these different ups and downs and that warriors thing you know they durant was on that team for blip was if you add up when when he actually showed up and then when he left. It's less than three years. It's like thirty months It's not a perfect comparable for for either team. But I do think you know the players you know seeking that attention. Wanting what's there's at I think with that aspect there's some similarities but overall though I mean I'm with you in the sense that ownership in front office objectives here are far different in what the Bulls wanted to do in the nineties with Crowson. Reisen Dorf is far different than what the warriors are trying to do with Myers and and warriors ownership. Now right I mean the differences with the warriors thing. It was one person undermining the whole thing. Durant yeah the Bulls thing it was. It was like a bad marriage with you. Know eight nine different people. All knowing like the marriage is ending and I think with the warriors they kept trying to pull durant back in that second season when he was there was when it started to fall apart in the third season. I still feel like they felt like it might be salvageable until they had that clippers game and then after that I think there are some similarities with the chemistry. Let's say let's say this. Let's say draymond. His way would have played out the way he wanted to write like. I don't buy for one second. If Kevin Durant started that season said this is my last year with the warriors it still would have been a problem like the right here the whole year by the way. He should have done that though. That's how he should have handled it and I think part of the problem is he didn't handle it that way. And you know the players and the team new organization. They knew he was leaving. They knew about all the New York stuff they thought it was gonna be the Knicks but they knew he was leaving. It was by especially by February march ever in the league new so I think from that standpoint underminded what's the elephant in the room. That draymond talking about that. You know what I'm saying if they all had this understanding Kevin. Ain't going to be with US after this year. Then why is he acting like it was a problem throughout the entire year? That Kevin was just saying Oh. I don't know we'll see we'll because I think Kevin probably agree with this. I think there was still hope that he might do a one eighty. You know I I think that. And honestly with the with the ninety eight balls and you're gonNA find out in the tenth part it came a lot closer to everybody coming back except for Rodman I I think they knew Rodman was done but I think once they actually won. I think there was a moment there where they were like Holy Shit. What are we doing? We gotTA defend this again.

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