Washington, D.C. - After Months Of Speculation, Chase Young Is Coming Home


Yeah this is pretty exceptional moment the Redskins wealth truly by virtue of the losing season last year end up with a great pick in the draft and they picked chase young tells about chase young he's a local boy and that his defense or not yeah and I could not find one expert analysts that didn't think he was the best player in the draft didn't think that he is basically a hall of fame potential I mean it's all there for the young man so if you think about the Redskins and some of the topics in their history of the draft they could have just landed maybe the biggest fish of them all and he's right he's right here with just a math that he played at Alabama he is bully exactly right I'm sorry my favorite FDA he was going to happen but the funny thing they could do hello at you last year and and we were laughing because we're like and they can go if you have the again this year but when you change young was going to be an absolute no brainer taking him at number two there had been some teams that were aggressive to try to move up to get them and the Redskins you said no dance night and the coach Ron Rivera they were all in on young and then they did it was a drama free night for the rest yeah and they landed the guy they wanted with the guy they really needed it wasn't position I need the defense while you know they had trouble rushing the quarterback last year they basically well I have a pretty talented defensive line already they had more needs on an offense but they get the pass rusher that everybody wanted to take very exciting you can tell I was up late eating out the very first round when I when I replace Alabama for you know if you feel fine I would actually have an event that was happening live and in reality you know like a reality show type event again in sports that we can keep it wait for you know you mentioned you mentioned that he's going to fill a role where they didn't really have that big of a need for how does that affect with how he how he meshes with the rest of the team and how they see him especially the other guys on the defensive line like wait a minute why do we need this guy yeah we're doing okay yeah you know what though Matt I noticed he had he was a late like fifth round draft pick he led the team exactly in half getting the quarterback is basically for the defense you know just tell new number one and they didn't do it they were tenth in the league in fact they didn't do it at the rate they wanted to last year so he immediately will make them better if he stays healthy of course and on the defensive guys they were all tweeting just they're just absolutely last night the reaction has just been you know this is unbelievable welcome home brother you know he actually is like ten miles from fed ex field and fifty miles from aspen where he grew up in upper Marlboro so if elected is that kind of a really cool story for change on to be with the Burgundy and gold and he said it would be on he told ahead of time he was he didn't want to like take it for granted because it even though every mock draft has the right to take young young said it would be honored to play for the Burgundy and call yeah I saw pictures of his father apparently came out even before the Redskins it announced it publicly we told the crowd gathered outside the house last night these go with the Redskins which is awesome so Carol that you talk about like you know powering up a defense that was already headed in the direction of strength the history of the NFL including in recent history the sometimes defensively dominant teams become overwhelmingly dominant teams even if the offense isn't performing at the same pace now you mean the world about the ramen you know when they can win with Trent Dilfer even when I was a great defense yeah so I think you know came in and he always did it for him the draft is always clear focus not need focused so he want to get somebody he thinks of the first pick a first round pick for any team should have hall of fame potential sure and I believe you know it's funny because you're looking at the history of great contrast maybe Sammy Baugh and Gerald green at the top right of the people they packed both picked in the first round not as high as chief Sammy Baugh you know with a six pack and does your green but the twenty eighth pick the bottom first rounders you get a chance young at number two who Unisys is putting a lot of pressure and expectations are young man but who by all accounts and all scattered reports could be an absolute team changer and that's what Rivera said he's like it just makes our defense better it makes our team better and to have that kind of excitement I'll get a lot of people around here who may be gave up on the right hand side three and thirteen last year maybe drinking the Kool

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