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A quiet place was an interesting. Sf Thriller about her family hunted by creatures that use sound to track their prey. Now there's a sequel and emily blunt is once again. Evelyn and the actor was surprised by the reaction to the I fell. I know we didn't anticipate the sort of meteoroid life the first one took and we didn't think it was in the cards. I mean you don't know what people will make of a film that's effectively silent and it's like an art house film but found this sort of meteoric life and it's thrilling and that has so much room for expansion and it seemed like a natural progression to see the next chapter. John Krasinski who wrote produced starred and directed the original was also taken back by the first films reaction for people to think that it was cool was was so unbelievably emotional and beautiful and It's not only the success of which is Great. I think it's the fact that people connected to what we connected to certain emily. I did this movie as a metaphor for parenthood and the fact that people picked up on all that stuff the fact that people loved all the detail of the first one and all the elements of survival and this idea of family was was just really overwhelming. Where we all taken back? I mean I did not expect it to do as well as it did. But the story was compelling now. She's a single mom with a full plate. Is Evelyn in a quiet place to broken promises? A really is a really harrowing experience for the kids but ultimately I think it's a very powerful message that we see generational what happens within this family. Is that the kids forge ahead as the kids have to grow up. They have to take charge and also with Evelyn's character with my character. Evelyn she is now a single parent. Newborn baby houses destroyed two other children to to protect. And she's out there she's exposed she's grief stricken and so it's a really intense intensely emotional state that she's in And the world is very daunting. Suddenly John Krasinski had a plan for the first fill. The truth is I had no intention of doing equal. I don't think anyone thought that there would be a sequel. This was never designed to be a franchise and yet I think that The the power of the world is the thing that makes it So possible to delve into it again but I mean by that is I think most sequels have a hero or a villain and you have to build the world around them and we have the benefit of having the opposite beach. We have this world built and ready to play in so you can drop whatever hero and villain you want into that world. And that's what's really exciting about it. Emily Blunt talks about how she found this sequel. Just think for me. I found this one emotionally just a more intense experience because There isn't any respite from the agony of what they've gone through Does Not one moment where it's pleasant for them. It's just a gen and it is like a runaway train. This film and I think if the first film was almost like how do you avoid getting cut. I feel like the essence of this film is. Oh my God. How do we stop the bleeding? You know it just doesn't stop and so I feel probably probably one of the most intense experiences. I've had doing some of those scenes John Krasinski Hunt. Parenthood being strong theme of these films. The metaphor of the first one was parenthood. If you extend that metaphor could I play with that metaphor longer and I think? There's an evolution and innate evolution the metaphor that really became powerful in my mind what. I mean by that is if the first one was about the promise. You make his parents to your kids. That has long. As you're with me I can keep you safe and everything's GonNa be fine. That's a promise that every parent makes it their child and sadly has to be inevitably broken at some point in that relationship and so I thought when that promises broken that's growing up and so when you let your kids go out into the world on their own. That's what growing all about and so. That's what the metaphor the second one became the idea of these kids in this family dealing with loss dealing with their safety net being taken from them. There is definitely more to see in this film. We definitely get to experience much more than we did in the first one but my goal again in order to respect the audience was. I didn't want to just do a movie. That was bigger and flashier. I wanted to do a movie that the story and the characters dictated everything so when you leave the path yes we're going to the unknown yes. We're leaving the farm but we're leaving the farm because the family has to leave the farm so we're expanding the the world but the intimacy comes from the rules are still the same John. Krasinski talks about some of the other themes of the film. One of my favorite things about the first movie was this dichotomy of surviving versus thriving that my character was really content with just surviving. There needed to be no flourish in life. It just was about putting your kids to bed and making sure that they're safe in the mother's character. Evelyn was. That wasn't enough that you couldn't survive in a world you had to thrive you had to let these kids live a full life and I think that the the real fun part of me writing was playing with that dichotomy again in the second one that basically her idea of thriving may have put her husband in dire danger and sort of been one of the reasons that Killed Him so. I think that she's sort of investigating that theory and reinvestigating and she sort of becomes the protector and the survivalist and certainly doesn't want to lose anyone else in her family for bite. This Tony Taylor.

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