Feminism with Miranda Hine, Saraya Stewart and Natalie Bochenski


A feminist. But today I went to see a feminist autism in Brisbane and I was very tired and I couldn't remember what is also called so when the Gallery. I said to someone with a woman attics woman in Germany so something to do with women very tired woman. Any woman woman ask. I'M A FEMINIST. But last night we played in Sydney. It's my first time in Australia. And when I arrived staying in Newtown in Sydney and looked up the best places for Lesbians Go Sydney the top of the list described as the Lesbian Mecca. Was You town Sydney? So can I just hold up there on the cultural sensitivity of Lesbian Mecca? Oh could we -solutely yeah decorate from the article so you have to send you a constellations? Ortis rental anyway after the show selling merch. Everybody in Australia is incredibly hot by the way. I'm not just saying that everyone is so hard is all of these whole quiz around the most able and we'll I was packing up the merge boxes. We're really heavy in our in front of all the quiz I lifted out myself and then as soon as they were gonNA jets carried by state. Jonah's Sarisi Razi. Jeff did it stop fucking so can I just say by the way sometimes and say you shouldn't do an Australian accent a because it sounds like you're taking the Piss and I really am not. I understand exit very hot because it was the accent all the boys hod when I was a teenager. All the Boise didn't fancy me. Had that accent so I still find it hard and actually this is what. I'm focused butts and off piste one. I'm FM'S BART MY YOGA TEACHER IN. Bonte the other day. Holy Hell and he had that real like he's no one. I'd I'd sort of marry on for a site but he's there was something about that. Real surfer dude wouldn't be compatible with him and I talked me long term. I mean for an afternoon. He was really times really sort of that blonde. You know and he was so yoga re as well and he kept like coming and when they sort of readjust. You adjusting may write a firm. He was quite strict and I was like dude. I'm a FEMINAZI. I am a feminist Bart. Today I told Grace Petri that she was Kohana which he'd Australia is. The Lesbian version of what a gay man refers to as bad. She's like a little kid Koala. She's furry like hair on a heads she's like. This is not what I thought. This is going to be so. I just thought I could see even intrigued stock. That is not a thing by the way you should say here in a lesbian bar. Nobody calls anyone a Koala made up the spoke for you bought. I feel it could take off. Koalas seeks Queens. Clemencia can't Kency break. Let's just one piece. I'm a feminist but when I was nineteen I was on the TV quiz. Show the Weakest Link Yeah. Did you watch that much Australia? Was it presented by Anne Robinson here? I'll fuck. This isn't gonNA work. I think it is. I think it was very. She was very young uptight meaningless woman and her whole thing was she insulted people so I went on the show and I didn't get very far off in the second round but in interrogations people who voted for me and Robinson this woman. Why did you vote for grace isn't because she's younger and prettier than you? Fuck you fuck Jane. You always remember the names the ones that bullying song about. Can you sing off that tonight? The only bit I remember is a line that said it was Jane a Secretary From Suffolk. And why she voted for me. I don't give a fuck. I've gotten better is very how cintos nineteen reeling has. She's come on in leaps and bounds. I'm a feminist but yesterday I sincerely said the sentence genuinely in a discussion backstage at the Sydney. What stops me from sleeping? With Barack Obama is my loyalty to Michelle where I live. Sometimes I just didn't that moment I was like no because of Michelle because of our friendship. We were on the same bill. We spoke of the school together. She didn't see me is because we'll speak. She had so much security around her and he got another or you don't you don't have to. I'm a feminist anything that stops me sleeping with Michelle Obama's loyalty to Barack Obama

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