Owners, execs bracing for mid-to-late June as best-case scenario for NBA's return, sources say


So the NFL is going ahead with its lead year but much of the sports world coming to a grinding halt over the past few days and this isn't a give it a day or two alt this is a buckle in for the long haul hold sources telling ESPN Sunday NBA owners and executives are bracing for the possibility of mid to late June as a best case scenario for the association to return the CDC issuing a recommendation Sunday night that no events or gatherings should include more than fifty people for the next eight weeks the NBA will likely provide projections on three primary scenarios the financial costs of shutting down the season restarting with no fans or playing playoff games with fans organizations have to evaluate the short and long term implications of this season's stoppage including future sponsorships and ticket renewals owners are feeling the sting not just of NBA games but you got contradicts another events that are taking place in those arenas ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski says reality is setting in it has set in and I filed the store that's on ESPN dot com that talks about even since Wednesday's board of governors meeting which just preceded road runner go bears positive test you know that owners and team executives you don't have to have further come to terms with how grave this situation is how dark at the time that our country is likely facing moving forward and that there's not going to be a quick exit out of it and teams are preparing owners are preparing for the idea that it minimally this season may not start until mid June late June and I'm told they are pursuing arena dates you know into late August for the playoffs and even looking at the idea without fans of playing games maybe even in practice facilities that might make it a little give a kind of a little different look for television so everything is on the table with the league right now and there is a great deal of uncertainty about what lies ahead NBA commissioner Adam silver is encouraging the NBA to be open to experimental ideas in every area scheduling format venues television all on how to respond to this unprecedented

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