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NASA is changing the way they keep their cool



Is the study of things at very low temperatures. Here's Monica Kuzyk. An Aerospace Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center to explain why NASA is changing the way they keep their cool so we want to store oxygen or hydrogen. If we make them really really cold they turn into a liquid and as we all know liquids and gases so they're way more efficient to store. When Artemis missions launched to the Moon or Mars they will carry liquids with them for fuel and life support but ask the extreme environment of space warms spacecraft. The fuels begin to or boil off. That's where cry. Oh coolers like shiver the largest cryogenic tank NASA has ever built come into play. Credit is really our enabling technology to get to where we need to go when we improve cryogenic technologies here for space applications. It always a trickle down effect to the Earth for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer Paulie

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