Though Closed To The Public, Bryce Canyon Still Teems With Life

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We're going to spend a few minutes now in Bryce Canyon National Park that's in Utah. At typically visitors flocked there this time of year as winter melts into spring but Bryce Lake other national parks is closed due to cove in nineteen. So we got in touch with Park Ranger. Peter Dennis Moore. He is Visual Information. Specialist at Bryce sharing photos videos of the parks deep red canyons and towering rocky. Who's on social media? But we asked him what the park sounds like right now. Without the home of hikers tourists spring comes late here at eight thousand feet. Were still kind of in what feels like the tail end of winter. Not Quite sure whether or not to start fully celebrating spring or to be braced for a snowstorm. We're coming into the breeding season and so the birds are coming in with beautiful plumage as well as their most complex songs. I'm personally waiting for the humming birds to return once they've returned to the park. It's safe to begin really celebrating. Spring and Summertime Utah Prairie Dog. They make quite a lot of sound to and often what we're hearing from them. Are these keeping squeaks. Often of their alarm calls take the time to observe these colonies. Find your attention drawn to things that you might not have noticed that the cradock certainly maybe coyote Red Fox or a Golden Eagle or some other rafter above visitation is usually on its way up spring break beginning in March usually signals unofficial beginning to our season. It's surreal to have visitors here and understanding the history of the National Park Service in our national parks. I've found that you can't ignore the fact that their existence has been so dependent on often individuals. You know that were transformed by these landscapes to the point that they engaged in advocacy for them or or made other remarkable acts on their behalf. That without which you know we might not even have them as national parks today. Being outdoors is really just provided a sense of stability in uncertain times. I actually feel kind of unique pressure to step up to this moment and try to provide people a window into this place thinking about a Mary. Oliver quote that the world's otherness is antidote to confusion. And standing in that other nece can re dignify a worse stung hard. That's Peter Dinsmore ranger at the currently closed Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

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