The Plumbing Curse Continues


You know how few episodes ago we said our plumbing curses continuing to Florida. We all agree that John. Kirsten I'm just like brought along for the ride but the price is is not the problem. We didn't agree to that but I bring it up again. Because the continuing water curse continues. It's the gift that keeps on giving you. This is still talking about the Florida House and I think we mentioned we already knew. There was some water damage in the house. Like the floorboards were buckled and stuff. And we also knew that. Some of the DRYWALL had gotten wet at some point so we were planning to replace some of the in the house but like we had gone through the process of actually having like a mold inspection house to make sure there wasn't any like mold lurking anywhere. Yeah because my house is that way. You just wonder what's festering and what you can't see so he spent six hundred fifty dollars to get a mold expert to tell us if there were like spores and he was like from the test all know if like it's bad in the bedroom it's bad and the kids rooms and I was like six hundred fifty dollars well-spent for the peace of mind because we can't see behind these walls and we'll get to know what's behind these walls. Well well. The test came back that it was fine but we got to see behind the walls anyways because when they were replacing some trimming some areas that we knew were wet and like sort of patching some dry while we knew there was some drywall. That had to come out. They basically kept pulling drywall out as long as they thought they needed to. Like if it was wet or brittle or damaged they pulled it out and apparently they just kept pulling because it kept being damaged brittle gross. Drywall and eventually the contractor. Just said you know what I think. We need to replace the entire first floor worth of DRYWALL. Because everything they were touching was of questionable integrity. Yeah it was a mess and so what happened was the entire first floor including ceilings was ripped out the good news because you know always looking for the silver lining is that it's saved us because we discovered of all things a leak behind the bathroom wall another water issue and we never would have seen it. If we remove the DRYWALL. What would have happened is we would have moved in would have lived there for a while. The Wall would have gotten moist in weird. Really Moist is the word you wanted to go for damp. It would've gotten disturbing some way and then we would have discovered what was going on. But that's the only working bathroom in this house like we are moving into this house with just one bathroom that we're all GONNA share and my mind can only imagine what it would be like to move in and then have that one bathroom compromised in a big way as much as it's frustrating to have to. Redo more of the drywall than we thought. We went into this house knowing fixer upper. And I'm trying to just look at the bright side and not blame the Scorpio in this relationship to know who you have to blame is apparently the person who attached some kind of like shed storage unit to the side of the house like on the exterior because according to our contractor. The Guy drove screws to the wall and one went right into a pipe in the bathroom. Yeah I think it might have been nailed like nail gun and do it. Whatever it was. It was Willy Nilly Willy Nilly so glad we discovered that the other good news is that we do have a second floor on the house most of the rooms around the first floor. Just one big loft on the second floor with like a really beautiful deck and that is just fine so I'm trying to look at that silver lining that. It's not like all the drywall on. The entire house has to be redone. Just about you know the two thirds of it. That's on the first floor. Just about eighty-five percent. Well I could put another positive spin on it. Which is a reminder that when you are renovating and decorating and fixing up a smaller space is less expensive than doing a bigger space. Like if we had to re. Drywall eighty five percent of our house. Here in our house in Richmond. That'd be much more expensive than drywall. On eighty five percent of that smaller house in Florida. Yes I am grateful for that. I'm also grateful. There is like a limited amount of places that can leak on us. We are adding a bathroom but that will be all new pipes. By contrast the duplex had six bathrooms. Two kitchens who laundry rooms like. It's almost a miracle that all these houses weren't just like waterlogged to do. The luck of a certain husband chose and love anyway even though he brings a curse into our

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