Common Cold and Covid-19 - Mystery Surrounding The Symptoms - burst 1


Get around round everyone that still stands the APP keepers. Shot this down so unless you have been living in Antarctica or on Iraq. You should know what I'm talking about. The buzzer this dancing and the koruna virus so without further ado questions that went out on this podcast brought to you by Africa Business Review and the film's My name is Dr Dalil Arena and I'm addressing your questions questions questions. All the questions on Kobe. One thousand nine hundred. Do this right here on right now. Africa Business Radio toured profitable Africa. Why is is the virus? Pandemic sued dangerous. Well I'll tell you if because it is so easily transmissible. Eighty so communicate with that from human to human transmission is extremely easy through droplets infections. The other reason why it is so dangerous is the fact that when it gets into our bodies he'd I truly attacks our lungs on our lawns. The primary all done that help us to breathe wedding. Does that we can't get enough oxygen to our bodies and so we eventually need ventilator support. An Intensive Care Unit Admission. Another reason why it is particularly dangerous is the fact that it is. A new virus is a new virus. And so we don't have any vaccines for it wouldn't have any drugs to treat it unfortunately chloroquine while it has been said that he has helped in some patients. Enough research has been done for to actually recommended is the teen drug for the use of treatments of Kobe. Nineteen let's forget about using and ginger and lemon and the other thing song people have said that we should use the Komo gold and one thousand nine hundred some similar interests. I'm so people have. How do I have the Komo called Aquavit? Nineteen so what I'd say in that case. Is that if you have a cough and running news which both copied one thousand nine hundred. The common cold can have either is if either as will it is unlikely to be the common cold but if there is no fever than is likely that you have the Komo cold so people are just worried at as soon as the cough. How the Nineteen. But that really is indicates because a lot of conditions have similar features with nineteen so for instance the common cold might resemble could be seen especially in the bad. There is a cough and there is also running. News fee is extremely unusual with the common cold. Well fever is extremely common with Koby. Nineteen so if you have a cough and runny nose and you don't have a fever is very unlikely that you have could be nineteen Saudi Koi. Alright so we'll just see it. You'll be fine kind of person who has had coup in nineteen and recovered. Kaku with nineteen again. That's a very good question that I want to address because it's really valid. Unfortunately not enough. Science research has been done on this subject so I'm reports have been made about some patients who have recovered tested negative and then contracted virus again. Such that detected positive mount these cases. Well they have been reported. No one show as to why that happened. Was that the immune system of the patient wasn't able to clear the virus art effectively or the negative tests was probably really negative. All these questions remain to be answered but as time lose by science will be able to find the answers to these questions. I hope we've been able to address some of the issue that you might have regarding with nineteen the mystery surrounding the questions that you might have on the next podcast answer even more of the questions that you.

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