Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God



March seventeenth two thousand. The Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God held a huge party to celebrate the end of the world. The party was scheduled to last for two days as the leaders had roasted three bulls for feasting and acquired seventy crates of soft drinks. Hundreds of men women and children had arrived to join in the festivities and prepare for Armageddon yet. Armageddon came much more quickly than any of them had anticipated as the members gathered in the chapel at the primary complex in Congo. Uganda the doors and windows were boarded. Shut THE CHURCH. Building was set on fire. And at least seven. Hundred congregants were burdened ally. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is colts. Apart cast original this is the thirteenth episode in our Daily Series. On the strange prophecies made by different cults and their leaders throughout this month. Were taking a daily look at the myriad of apocalyptic predictions to try and uncover. What makes these revelations so appealing? I'm here with my co host. Greg Paulson pyeryone today. We're discussing the beliefs of Christiania. Marin Day she convinced member cult the Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. That Armageddon was imminent after predicting the world would end on January. First two thousand. The cut leadership killed their own members for reasons that are still not entirely clear. It's very likely they didn't want members to realize their doomsday predictions. Were wrong the Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God began in nineteen eighty nine. When Cronje Morandi a bartender banana beer brewer and sex worker claimed that the Virgin. Mary had appeared before her in the vision. Mary commanded Cronje to clean up her life and spread the news of a coming apocalypse. Cra Dona claimed at the world would face awful tribulation from God if people did not turn back to him and follow his ten commandments to the letter most people looked upon CR- Dona with skepticism. However she brought her predictions to form a government employee. Joseph Kibera Terry. He had also claimed have seen visions from God and when Cronje came to him he believed God had brought her into his life. Cuba Terry's endorsement of Kunia gave her story. The clouded needed together. Cronje and Cuba Terry Spread Their Doomsday message. Luckily for them Uganda was in a state of total chaos. Making Armageddon look highly plausible. Even the most sceptical Ugandans of the day the entire nation had been embroiled in a civil war with atrocity after atrocity being committed on all sides in addition HIV and AIDS had torn through the country at a rapid pace killing indiscriminately to make matters worse. The Roman Catholic Church one of the only pillars of stability in the region had become embroiled in its own awful scandals. People were desperate for safety and answers in could dona. Morandi was all too happy to provide. She called the people of Uganda follow her and promised to shelter them through the coming wrath of God. This message proved effective over the course of eight years. The movement's membership grew to over four thousand and built several dedicated living complexes throughout the region. Yet for all the cult successes Cra Dona had never decided on an official date for the end of the world to maintain control. Cordona stated that the world would end on January. First two thousand. The Colt was prepared to die. When the day finally came but as January first came and went so did CRA donas credibility. People began to leave the movement on mass in order to save face. Crony announced a new date. For the end of the World March eighteenth. They would have a grand party to celebrate starting on the seventeenth when over seven hundred people showed up to the Kananga Complex Cronje provided the apocalypse she had promised by burning them alive within the chapel. Some believe she died in the fire while others believe she escaped but more horrific revelations were still to come as the Ugandan government investigated the movement's Bases. They discovered mass graves at each and everyone in total. Three hundred ninety. Five additional members of the movement had been shot stabbed and poisoned by their own leadership sometime before the fire overall the Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God had proven to be one of the deadliest cults ever created when her doomsday prophecies. Failed CR- DONIO. Marinda made sure they would never fail again by killing more than two thousand of her own followers whether she died with them or escape to safety is unknown to this

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