Embody True Certainty

Badass Agile


I want to speak directly one to one. Get right in the ear of all you leaders up there. I WanNa talk to you about a different kind of certainty you know. Our clients are always asking for winkle a habit. How much for how much how much of this whole thing cost? Kind of budgeting need. When am I going to get what feature? What's it going to include? Who signed off on that that kind of certainty that we've grown up with that we've been trained on in the. Corporate Universe is no longer serving us. And that's how we got to agility and I've said it so many times when people resist when there's pushback what's the pushback. We miss our certainty. We need our certainty. Were certainly need are certain? Ti- people love that feeling of if you just made a promise everything would be. Okay knowing full. Well that most promises that attempt to predict the future don't get kept today so if we can't predict the future. What kind of certainty can we possibly offer? Well here's what I suggest. When you lead people be certainty. What does that mean? Did you ever watched people on a bus or a train whether you take it or whether you just observed one passing by take a good look. What are people doing? Are they talking to one another? Are they staring out the window? Observing the miracle of nature of modern metropolitan life. Are they taking it all in moment by moment or are they slaves to their devices to the heed the call of every Ping in Ding notification popped up? Are they constantly serving? That dopamine hit an lovable am I needed enough for someone to text me back or like my post or comment on my comment being sucked into the rat hole of watching strangers fight on social media just to count out of ten people. How many people do you see in a close quarters almost social situation rather than speaking to one another engaging in helping and inspiring one another rather their lives are led by something outside themselves when you get that email or text message? It's almost like a command that you must follow out they. You're not in charge of your time. They are. It's interesting because this is a relatively new problem. Twenty years ago. Most of that situation didn't even exist at worst. You're a slave to your books or maybe you had your Walkman on the way we've always suffered from this problem but I feel like now it's magnifying. It's amplifying so you my friend if you lead then who should be leading you your cell phone your social addictions your dopamine flow. I don't think so. Start by being in command of your own soul and that can start with your attention. It's the small things that matter. Be Aware of your surroundings. If you're sitting on that bus put your phone away. Make a commitment to beware. What's going on around you? Maybe there's someone with a young child in a stroller who could use a hand holding the door open. Maybe someone can't quite figure out the schedule. What stopped there at notice. Look out the window. What's going on with the trees? Dc Grass or snow or rain note. What's going on around you? Hey How many times have you passed by your building at work and realized that you never noticed that the building next door has been torn down or there's a for sale sign in the window. There's no thirteenth floor in your elevator. How many details pass you by? Because you're not awake because we give into choices that are made for us by others. If you were in command of your attention if you were present in the moment if you make eye contact him realistic having conversations she can free yourself the need to constantly check your messages to respond to email right now right when you get it. Then you're in control not them meaning them with a Capital T. When you live your life that way you are certainty itself. You're in control. You're sure you're confident. You Have Dominion over your time and Energy and listened that simple practice when you show up at work. People are going to notice that you're the one you're the one who will lead. You're the one who go I either. You have the answers or you know how to get them. You will not react with anger or fear because you look like you're in complete control of your universe. That's the kind of certainty that people really want business cases and BRD's and Gantt Charts in spreadsheets. They're just a form of certainty. They're just an attempt to control the unknown. But when you show up as someone who does not break down who knows what to do. Who is incomplete control and mastery of themselves when things are uncertain when things are fearful? Then you can make change. You can build trust. You can improve adoption. You can transform individuals and then teams maybe whole organizations

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