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The post has some interesting options where look


Not yet hard time going from Brady to him in one year being that you know again he learned under him for a year but I don't know if if that would be the guy that you're going to now we've seen the pats have to do this before Brady was suspended on Brady's got hurt in the past and they've got all the guys I don't I don't envision them staying course here what's the item is being the guy but I don't know much about we didn't we don't have to Tom Brady was a guy there didn't think about it that was the point where the page is going to go I mean the Needham who is a better option any of the options that we just listed I mean outside of cam Newton now clearly cam Newton's not the quarterback Tom Brady is nobody is put cam Newton still has some good football I've still got some exciting football I don't think it's a good thrower of the football but he can make some big plays he can win you some games and if coached properly with bill Belichick that could be an intriguing option I mean maybe even Andy Dalton I think anybody who goes to New England will be better strictly because of the coaching that they would now have with bill Belichick Tom Brady now obviously that's not gonna be the case eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six more calls on the other side excel caught on the fan here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke

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The post has some interesting options where look

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