Fallon, Kimmel, and Conan Continue Hilarious Late-Night Monologues From Home


Let's let's get into what the late night folks are doing first of all we seen everybody from home are we yeah everyone's been doing it at least little like many monologues or little small segments that they are putting both online but they're they're doing at the very beginning of their show Stephen Cole bear is been doing it from his house to be Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel bought all of been doing it from their house Jimmy Fallon last night did something a little bit differently was was doing something from his house would it is kids were ringing a running all over the place but he also had a guest on last night that he talked to from their house knows you know that I I don't know what system you use the the Instagram live or Facebook live or one of one of the lives but it was Lin Manuel Miranda from it from his house so he what he did that just a a short interview with him and then they go to reruns of other shows but that's going to be changing starting March the thirtieth Conan o'brien is the first to announce that he is coming back with new shows but he will still be at his house he the show will be shot entirely on iPhones wow which is a rather amazing to me they will have guests and they will hook up with them remotely from wherever they are but there so he's going to be doing full shows again starting on March the

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