Ford and General Motors announce factory closures due to coronavirus


In Detroit's three automakers have agreed to close all of their factories Ford GM and fiat Chrysler have bowed to pressure from the United auto workers union they've been pushing for factories to close because work is a fearful of coming into contact with the coronavirus Bloomberg's automated reported Keith Norton says the companies were left with no choice they're people didn't feel safe in the plants very hard to social distance and then assembly line that companies were resistant they finally came to an agreement last night to do some rolling rotating shutdowns but then they woke up to news this morning that Honda was shutting down all of the north American plants for six days now even greater pressure on them so finally in the day to day the Detroit three kind of buckled and said okay we're shutting down until the end of the month and then we'll see how things go from there Honda Malaysia announced it will temporarily close its north American factory he's for about one week starting on Monday well General Motors CEO Mary Barra all said to manufacture hospital ventilation is an older factories closed usually the outbreak this is according to NEC director Larry Kudlow Kudlow said on fox news and auto executive said she may call back workers on a to a chaotic Hey hi I said sorry to make the medical devices needed to crease to trace the critically ill virus patients question on a voluntary basis the civic and patriotic

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