Trump becomes presumptive GOP nominee after sweeping primaries


But it A. B. C. news projecting that the former vice president will win the Illinois democratic primary as well as the democratic primary in Florida A. B. C. news is also projecting that president trump will win Republican primaries in Florida and Illinois and that he now has enough delegates to be considered the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd says he would tell Bernie Sanders to think of the crisis it's now gripping the nation the covert nineteen outbreak should he go and three tonight Sanders advising him I'd tell him it's time to give a speech it's time to say we can fight this out we could keep going but we're in the midst of this pandemic and it's time to unite the party it's time to unite the country hi is primary was also supposed to be today but the secretary of state has postponed it due to the threat of the covert nineteen outbreak governor Mike DeWine says he wants to re scheduled for June second Dario Alden or

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