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Facebook map shows you where people are reporting coronavirus symptoms


Let's talk a little bit more about another couple of other efforts actually multiple efforts to track. Where infections might go next by having people self report systems symptoms rather facebook partnered with Carnegie Mellon University's Delfi Research Center on a survey asking users to report their symptoms both Carnegie Mellon and Facebook have now published websites with their initial. Findings can see a little heat map Go TO COVA CAST. Cmu DOT EDU. And you'll be able to see these heat maps later this week and eventually provide forecasts based on the data to help. Local health officials anticipate where hospital capacity needs might spike next facebook's own site provides a symptom map of the US at the county level showing what percentage of the population has reported systems county by county facebook's also partnering with the University of Maryland to take that survey global and Carnegie Mellon is building an API so let researchers access the data.

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